Paul Scholes: this year’s Ryan Giggs?

Posted by - August 17, 2010 - Manchester United, Premier League, Ranting and Raving

Can’t tackle, can do everything else

Manchester United seem set on showing the world what happens when you put your faith in players for several years rather than several weeks. Take Ryan Giggs, a player many regard as one of the finest players ever to grace football and one most English men wish was born here instead of Wales.

Take Gary Neville too: quite clearly a lunatic, but painfully one of the best defenders England has had in a long time.

Now take Paul Scholes. He turned down the chance to come back into the England fold over the summer, and quite rightly so. Many thought last campaign would be his last, but here he is again, rolling back the years spectacularly. The Charity Shield and Newcastle games show there’s life in this old dog yet. Although he never did quite learn how to tackle.

So is it time players settled down and play at a club for more than a season? Or did sir Alex really just find three of the best players ever to grace the Premier League?

See Scholes’ best bits below.

  • pedro

    1 good game. Big deal.

    The Milkman always does 1 good round.

    Blue Moon Rising

  • Dublin Kopite

    Good to see Mickey Quinn hammering in for the tackle there…

  • Russ

    Yep, Sir Alex did just find three of the greatest players to play in the PL. What’s interesting is that they didnt get too big for their boots and think they were bigger than the club, and the club obviously looked after them. There must be some lessons for Wenger to learn from SAF as he tries to bring on Wiltshire, Gibbs, Ramsey, Hoyte and Walcott.

  • Neil

    Well said Russ…

    Wenger seems to look at them as profit, while Fergie looks at them and sees trophies.

  • Nilesh Pandit

    I hate Man Utd but theres only 1 Ryan Giggs

  • kathmcp

    Ha ha ha Pedro…and then there was that time he scored against Citeh with 17 seconds to go….so thats at least two good games :)

  • Keatibanez

    You are right theres only 1 Ryan Giggs.
    “Ryan Giggs: this year’s Ryan Giggs!!!!!!”

  • Flemming Dørken

    Interesting to see how many of the goals in that video Giggs was actually involved in.