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Peter Crouch cheated on Abbey Clancy with £800 prostitute

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  • ollstar


  • Ben

    Treat you like a whore do they?! Funny that… what’d you say you do again?

  • whokarez

    quote “The Spanish players are arrogant divas who treat me like a whore. ” EXCUSE ME LUV…..YOU ARE A FUCKIN WHORE HAHAHAHA…

  • Joelyid

    What a load of bollocks

  • crouch

    I cant blame him, i would shag the life out of her too after a night on the drink

  • BallBag

    £800 for that? She looks like she’s got a fanny like a yawning hippo.
    Bad shoes or not, Crouching Tiger can do better than that..

  • Essexian76

    Well, 800 pounds to score with a whore?, and he gets about 60 grand to score for us, she’s not all that good then!. So what in short, and perhaps she should look at her contract of employment, it clearly says WHORE,for the payment of agreed sum, she shall shag i.e. Whore. NOTW .i.e… for the payment of 90p we shall print shite!

  • AntiOnan

    Yeah Sure!! and I slept with Angelina Jolie while Brad Pitt ran the camera.

    If she is a whore why should anyone believe her unless they DNA her knickers & prove it?

    Crouch’s sex life is, like all o the above’s, HIS business.

    This is GUTTER PRESS in its lowest form

  • WestYid

    Is this why Harry is trying to get 11million for him and then sell Robbie Keane to Villa for 8-9million plus we hopefully qualify for CL and then add another 10million and we bring in a superstriker Who i dont know but thats is my thoughts ??

    Harry doenst like his players in the press for wrong reasons so if he is sold, take it the story is true ….

  • dildobrain

    I paid £100 for an hour with a chick that knocks the pants of that old trollop,
    looks wise anyway, you getting mugged Pete, if you did pay that twat 800 sovs,
    you can have my sister for 50 quid.