Phil Neville has his own iPhone app

Posted by - August 24, 2010 - Everton, Oddballs

Everton skipper tells you how to live your life

Technology is great, isn’t it? No need for you to answer, Mr Blatter. You can now access your favourite football blog wherever you happen to be. And when we get round to it we will probably launch an OTP app. It is just that we did not expect to be trailing in the wake of Phil Neville as and when we do.

If we had to choose a few footballers we thought might be on the front-line of a digital revolution, the Everton captain would not be one of our early picks. And yet here he is telling you how to dress.

Apparently, the app aims “to help and guide aspiring footballers, fans of the game and coaches, in getting a real insight in to how Phil lives his life as a top professional football player”.

This includes a clothing and footwear section where you can take fashion tips from Neville. He will also tell you what to eat, drink and possibly give tips on good suppliers of monogrammed gates.

Our favourite bit of the spiel, by far, is: “When coming up with the concept for the iPhone app, Phil remembered when he was growing up how he always wanted to know how the professionals trained and prepared for match days. Now he is in a position where he can pass on a lot of useful tips and information.”

You can just imagine him stopping dead in his tracks during a training session and a worried David Moyes asking what’s wrong. “Nothing, gaffer. Nothing at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’ve just come up with a concept for an iPhone app based on my childhood experiences.”

The Phil Neville Football Training app can be downloaded for the princely sum of 59p.

  • Sun

    Carlton Cole has one too. Just to tell people what Carlton Cole is all about. Brilliant!

  • OmegaSupreme

    Great idea Phil, I’ll be picking up my copy asap. Once again, fantastic work skip.

  • hollis

    Carlton Cole had better start being all about scoring bloody goals!