Pre-match interviews tempting fate

Posted by - August 18, 2010 - Blackpool, Chelsea, Liverpool, Oddballs, Premier League, Quotes, Wigan Athletic

Big mouths strike again

There are occasionally stories that make it into the public domain about the superstitions players or clubs have. Stepping on to the pitch with your ‘good’ foot first, kissing the pitch etc. But it seems this doesn’t extend to avoiding foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Take Momo Diame for example. Ahead of Wigan’s defeat at the hands of Premier League new boys on Saturday, Momo told the press: “I would like us to give Blackpool a very hard lesson to welcome them here. I want them to know that they are playing with the big boys now, things are going to change, and we certainly won’t be going into the game with a light approach.”

No, of course not.

It’s not just players though. Chelsea Chairman Bruce Buck (whadda name) signalled Joe Cole’s move to Liverpool by saying: “Joe Cole has gone to a smallish club somewhere north of the M25.”

Righto. Given that the current ratio is 69 Liverpool wins to Chelsea’s 56, perhaps next time Brucey won’t tempt fate.

Do you have any good examples of players talking the talk in pre-match interviews but not walking the walk on the pitch?

  • Tina_The_Chimp

    Harry Redknapp just last night.

    Pre-Match – “The pitch can’t be used as an excuse if we fail”

    Post-Match – “It was the pitches fault”

  • http://wrong johan

    andy carrol for newcastle. im going to give man utd nightmares. in vidic’c pocket all game

  • Marc

    I remember a few years ago on the train from liverpool to manchester reading how Kevin campbell and duncan ferguson were going to terrorise united as we were top of the league after 4 games. . . Everton got hammered 4-1. United didn’t even break sweat.

  • Ben Marlow

    David Hills is the king of foot-in-mouth quotes. Although his job is made very easy by Jack Warner and Sepp Blatter.

  • Dan

    “What on earth are we even discussing the goalkeeping position for? We’re only playing USA, for goodness sake”

    Radio FiveLive’s awful commentator Allan Green the morning of the England V USA game.

  • Trudi

    “I am setting out confident in this group.

    “This group has desire and has worked well. I have confidence in the group – it is solid.

    “I have a team which really wants to do something together. Not as individuals, which I think is the difference.

    “We’ve been a tight group for years already, all working towards a common goal.”

    “At the end of the day everybody forgets the qualifying stages. It’s what happens at the tournament that matters.”

    Just confidence? Gaelic snootyness? Or simply tempting fate?
    Raimond Domenech was so wrong with his pre world cup comments it almost makes me like the French…

  • Conroy

    There is no greater feeling than tempting fate. Standing up when you’re team is winning and announcing to the crowd that “Nothing Can Go Wrong Now!!” Mocking Lady Luck makes you feel alive.

    Of course when I did this Daddy Conroy told me and I got a lot of dirty looks. Especially when we conceeded a goal a few minutes later. But for those few minutes…

  • Gatesy

    It’s not pre-match, but Cleggy yesterday said “I believe this is an exceptionally strong, unbeatable bid.” about the England world cup bid. We all know whats happening now don’t we…

  • Gatesy

    Re: Mr Cleggs comment above.

    Unbeatable you say…

    How’d that work out for you?