Steve Coppell: A loss to management?

Posted by - August 13, 2010 - Championship

The Championship won’t be the same without him!

So Steve Coppell has announced his retirement from football management, some four months after he took charge of Bristol City, leaving with an impressive record of having played two games, winning 0 of them and losing both of them.

Rumour has it that he quit because of a lack of passion for the game, but it has also been suggested that he martyred himself because of the David James transfer, which makes no sense.

Why a manager would resign over his club signing a goalkeeper who has just played in the World Cup and is arguably the best goalkeeper in the Championship is frankly unfathomable.

I think he bit off more than he could chew when he took the Bristol City job, didn’t realise what he had let himself in for and quit before the going got tough.

Regardless of his reasons for leaving, Steve Coppell, the Championship will miss your barely-above-average management style.

  • Neil

    Terrible post….

    This has traditionally been an informative blog. Not a medium for people to express their opinions.

  • Pri

    Brilliant post! It can be argued it’s not opinion but the truth, 100% agree with the writer. Funny and spot on!