Stjarnan are back with more celebrations

Posted by - August 11, 2010 - Football videos, Oddballs

And women say men don’t know the pain of child-birth…

The small Icelandic football team Stjarnan FC have gained a degree of notoriety recently with their truly epic ‘fishing’ celebration. It is above for those of you as behind on your footballing news as Marlon King.

This is quite possibly my favourite celebration ever. The originality and delivery will take some hard-thinking on how to top it. How does he flip about so fish-like?!

I’m glad I am not the only person to, somewhat embarrassingly, try and imitate this celebration. It is a lot harder than it looks – this fish looks like it’s already dead:

Anyway, Stjarnan are going to have spend about as much time at the drawing board as they do on the training pitch if they plan to keep these performances up after every goal – here are their new three, all in the same match, including giving birth to a football which, for the record ladies, does not seem to be as painful as you make out!

Now that you have witnessed the miracle of life, what are your favourite celebrations and why? Eric Cantona’s ‘chest-puffed out, collar up’ celebration? Roger Milla’s famous dance? Craig Bellamy’s infamous golf swing? Let us know.

  • Will

    I think the best celebration has to be from Ketsbaia. He just starts taking his clothes off and kicking the sh*t out of the advertising billboards.

    Love it!

  • Magid

    The first one is brilliant! Although because of the wonders of ‘YouTube’ I can’t emulate this Icelandic wonder in any of my Sunday football gmes

  • Mambo

    I think crouchy deserves a shout for the robot, managing to pull of a 1980’s dance move like that at 6ft 7′ tall deserves a medal in my book!

  • bilby

    I liked the giving birth one. Priceless!

  • Mainhood

    hahahah gotta be ian wright for me, cant find a link but its the 1 where he lifts his shirt over his head ravanelli style & acts blind with his arms out & eventually falls over.. if anyone can find a link i’d be grateful actually lol

  • LG

    Nice post, i just think its nice seeing teams doing there celebration as a team.

  • Jesse

    Love the post. spot on!