Top 10 conclusions Champions League draw

Posted by - August 27, 2010 - Champions League, Conclusions, Lists

What we learnt from Platini’s balls

1. Damn you, Tottenham. Fancy scuppering the long-awaited Inter-Young Boys clash!

2. Rangers fans will be delighted: they love a night out in Manchester.

3. You’ve got to love the mid-1990s retro draw of group G.
AC Milan, Ajax and Real Madrid are all in there.

4. Of all the teams that could have had the ridiculously easy group, it would be difficult to argue that Barcelona were the most needy.

5. Rubin Kazan must be wondering what they did to deserve being in Barca’s group two years running, even if they did cause a bit of a shock last time.

6. Eduardo’s return to the Emirates Stadium isn’t exactly Beckham to Old Trafford, but there’s still some emotion there.

7. Chelsea’s group is all about reunions too, with Didier Drogba going back to Marseille and Roman Abramovich returning to the Motherland.

8. Hapoel Tel Aviv look a bit out of their depth, but think of the air miles.

9. Defending champions Inter Milan have a potentially tricky group. You wouldn’t be too surprised if any of the teams in the group took some points from them.

10. If you’ve got any spare pity, please send it in Auxerre’s direction.

  • Soccergirl

    This is all exciting, can not wait.