Top 10 conclusions: England 2-1 Hungary

Posted by - August 11, 2010 - Conclusions, England, Lists


1. England get caught out by a lack of goal-line technology again – this time at the other end of the pitch.

2. That was a true captain’s performance from Steven Gerrard. His two excellent goals demonstrated two very different goalscoring aspects of his game and they were both joy to watch.

3. OTP had forgotten how much we loved Gabor Kiraly’s old school grey jogging bottoms.

4. Not the best of debuts from Michael Dawson, even if the goal caused by his error was wrongly awarded.

5. Wayne Rooney has realised on his holiday that sarcasm is a more effective way of handling the booing than shouting at a camera.

6. Kieran Gibbs looks every bit the part at international level. Shame he plays in the only position where England already have the best player in the world in that position at the moment.

7. There has never been a footballer who sounded more like a mouthwash for reindeer than Gergely Rudolf.

8. Neither Scott Loach nor Frankie Fielding got off the bench then. They will probably both announce their international retirements tomorrow.

9. The ITV commentary team have obviously decide Fabio Capello has now reached that stage in an England manager’s career when you just criticise everything for the sake of it. Totally the wrong aftershave for tonight’s match.

10. A couple of positive runs like that in a pre-World Cup warm-up and Theo Walcott would definitely have gone to South Africa.

  • Andy

    6) I suppose its because I dont get to watch the Premier League very often, but all I remember of Kieran Gibbs is the way he single-handedly gave ManU the win in the Champions League 2nd leg game in 2009.

  • chiri

    hey andy, maybe you should watch the premier league before you start commenting on players you obviously have never seen play
    gibbs is class and his error was unfortunate, and that was two years ago, so get of the kids back

  • Andy

    If Capello thinks he’s good enough to play for England then he’s good enough to play for England. As I said, I dont see many games so its odd to hear about someone doing well when you’ve only seen them do badly – IIRC it wasnt just the slip for the killer goal, he had a shocking game all around (although the mistake may have ruined his confidence).

  • biziclop

    11. The Hungarian coach is so charismatic that the cameras decided to show the team’s physio instead.