Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 28-29 August

Posted by - August 31, 2010 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

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1. Penalties for Bent sportsmen were always likely to be high on the news agenda on Sunday after the cricket revelations, but Manchester City probably didn’t envisage it affecting them quite so badly.

2. Talking of betting scandals, you would have put your house on Carlos Tevez scoring that ridiculously straightforward sitter. Hang your head, Carlitos.

3. Blackpool obviously learnt a few things from their hiding at Arsenal. Their second goal against Fulham was positively Gunners-esque, and finished in style by Thierry Varney.

4. We had no idea Mick McCarthy and Ousmane Dabo were such good friends.

5. Wayne Rooney meet net. Net meet Wayne Rooney. Feel free to reaquaint yourselves – it’s been a while.

6. Tottenham got drunk on European success, now they have experienced their first Champions League hangover.

7. John Pantsil doesn’t have a name that can cope well with regular howlers.

8. Keep chipping away at that goal difference, Wigan. Down to -9 now, lads.

9. Remember when Frank Lampard used to be the most reliable penalty taker in the world? After three misses in succession, it is safe to safe Frank Lampard is no longer the most reliable penalty taker in the world.

10. Fabio Capello has taken the Saddam Hussein approach since his popularity dipped. He must have a series of lookalikes to appear in public posing as him since he appeared to be at every single Premier League game at the weekend.