Top 10 worst Liverpool players

Posted by - August 23, 2010 - Lists, Liverpool, Transfer News and Gossip

The poorest Reds of the modern era, in no particular order

1. Jimmy Carter
A total non-starter.

2. Sean Dundee
Crocodile Dundee would have instilled more fear in opposition defences.

3. Djimi Traore
The luckiest man ever to win a European Cup winners medal. Had all the poise of a young Bambi.

4. Bruno Cheyrou
The new Zidane… or maybe not.

5. Itsvan Kozma
The Dunfermline signing is widely regarded by many as the worst Liverpool player ever.

6. Jean-Michel Ferri

Made two appearances lasting 47 minutes. He was allegedly Houllier’s dressing-room ‘spy’.

7. Torben Piechnik
Simply atrocious.

8. El Hadji Diouf
Lacked the class to wear the number 9 shirt previously worn with such distinction by Ian Rush.

9. Bernard Diomede
An alleged World Cup winner.

10. Abel Xavier
Looked like Santa Claus, but rarely delivered.

  • Neil

    Possibly my favourite post of all time. Felt great to reminisce…..

  • Holdaway

    Lol. LIKE whatever> funky diidle dong diddle doooow ubang son!! i sayyyyy wuuuuuuuuu bang! do you know what tI say? ROFL!!!
    COME GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    I still think that David Beckham is the best Liverpool player ever!!!

  • Eugene

    Ten of the eleven playing in Manchester tonight !

  • Deano

    Nicky Tanner – Load of balls he was.
    Istvan Kozma – One of Souey’s fantastic signings.
    Julian Dicks – Dick would be a more apt name.
    El Hadji Diouf – That guy has no class whatsoever.
    Alberto Aquilani – I know that he’s still playing, but he was supposed to be Alonso’s ready made replacement and ended up spending most of the season with his foot in ice. Then when he was fit, Rafa refused to play him! The money could have been put to good use elsewhere. Maybe a bit harsh to put him in the top 10 worst players, but, fuck it.
    Mark Kennedy – Most expensive teenager in Britain at one stage, produced the sum of the square root of fuck all squared.
    Bruno Cheyrou – New Zidane? Not even fit to clean his boots.
    Jermaine Pennant – Probably put in a better performance driving his car whilst pissed than he ever did at Anfield.
    Stan Collymore – Not on this list for his footballing talent (when he decided to turn in a shift), but for his dogging escapades, knocking seven shades of shit out of Ulrika, his performance in Basic Instinct 2 etc etc.
    Dijimi Traore – What blackmail evidence did he have to get in the team?

  • AndyMc

    Why did ye stop at 10, you could have easily got away with the worst 100 LiverPooH players ever!!!!!!

  • Scavo

    Not hapi Voronin’s name was’nt included.

  • Neil

    Voronin will be appearing on the next list; The top ten biggest insults to football…

  • AP

    deano thanks for a great laugh! you shoul
    d write for caught offside

  • dazzle

    excellent deano

  • Yabba Dabba Do

    How about the following?


    Need I go on…

  • Q

    Erik Meijer anyone?

  • Doz

    How the hell you didnt find a place for Nicky Tanner in your top 1 worst player of all time I will just never know!!!!! You must have blocked out his performances…..

  • Doz

    The thing about Dijimi Traore was that he had a class song!!! His dancing feet!!!!

  • Doz

    Have you ever googled Nicky Tanner. The first thing you notice is that he is labelled a footballer! That to me sums up everything that is wrong with the web. No truth in anything you read. The next thing…and this really kills me….we actually paid 20 grand for this twat…bloody hell…no wonder we are in a financial crisis. I believe i have discovered the beginning of liverpools financial crisis…..

  • Clarkeonenil

    What no Kewell????

  • Mister Oops

    Thick bastard. All Rafa signings you thick cunt.

  • Guest

    Thick bastard. All Rafa signings you thick cunt.

  • Pele

    Haha, nice

  • Worhtylfc

    Emile Ronaldo

  • Worthylfc

    Ryan Corfield. Anyone remember? add on facebook 😉 22cc6893 BBM