Top five Tottenham v Young Boys innuendos

Posted by - August 26, 2010 - Champions League, Tottenham

Well they are Young Boys; schoolboy humour seemed appropriate

1. Tottenham come from behind Young Boys.

2. Jermain Defoe uses his hand to beat Young Boys.

3. Peter Crouch’s Young Boys threesome.

4. Crouch brings Young Boys to their knees.

5. Crouch enjoys evening with Young Boys (and he didn’t even have to pay).

  • MattSpurs

    Young Boys taught a lesson and spanked by Headmasterful Crouch

  • the bagel

    For number two, I think:

    “Jermain Defoe uses his hand to beat off Young Boys”

    works better.

  • Chris

    Defoe’s hand job with young boys

    Crouchies threesome with young boys

  • Chris

    Young boys spanked by the hand of Defoe

  • Dublin Kopite

    Tottenham come from behind to give Young Boys a pounding

  • Dani Boy

    Gallas is pleased as he watches his new team-mates spank young boys

  • Dani Boy

    Levy is happy as he watches Bale pound young boys into submission.

  • muser

    Spurs come out on top after chasing Young Boys.

  • Barry

    Young boys return to the Wankdorf scarred after Defoe’s illegal manhandling.

  • Barry

    Young Boys struggle to overcome emotional hurt after Crouch white wash in big (t)humping.

  • MattSpurs

    Wenger sucks off Young Boys just before Spurs finish them from behind;-)

  • Golden Cockeral

    Spurs’ cocks crow as Young Boys return to Wankdorf in frustration.

  • Neil

    Good to see that most of ye are being very original in changing about one word from each of the original conclusions!

  • OmegaSupreme

    Young boys can’t handle Crouches length and Defoes hand

  • max

    Young Boy’s rear guard action fails to stop Spurs penetration into box

  • Dudley this is funny.!!

  • andy

    Crouch gives head to young boys twice

  • HJ

    Spurs abuse Young Boys, Pope transfers them to another parish.

  • Dimas

    IMHO Last one should be :
    Crouch enjoys evening with Young Boys (and even got paid for it)

  • Mike

    Tottenham beat off Young Boys