Video: Pepe Reina’s own goal howler (Liverpool v Arsenal)

Posted by - August 16, 2010 - Arsenal, Football videos, Liverpool, Oddballs

Scrambled into his own net

Straight out of the Robert Green collection of goalkeeping howlers that get worse each time you see them comes this from Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina. Picture the scene: it is the 88th minute. Your side has played the entire second half with 10 men. They have even taken the lead with 10 men. The opposition’s supposed new star striker has spent the match looking like an outing with Peter Crouch is his only prospect of scoring.

But then Marouane Chamakh heads against the post. Reina inexplicably collapses into a heap, fumbling the rebounding ball into the net in the process.

That’s how you make a 1-1 draw with a 10 men against a Big four team feel like a defeat.

  • Tujha_Kaka

    deserves it for making fun of cesc by making him wear shit catalan team shirt