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Absence of Wayne Rooney didn’t affect Everton fans

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  • http://thisone brian l

    That is a total lie about the chant. It wasn’t sang at all. It did the rounds on text message in the days leading up to the game but it wat sung so stop making things up.

  • http://thisone brian l

    Also, why have you photoshopped Rooney’s face on the doll?

  • Jim

    Two things.

    Firstly, Evertonians really don’t do organised terrace songs like that. Aside from “Grand Old Team”, “Banks of the Royal Blue Mersey” and “Follow, Follow, Follow”, how many songs do we actually have? Oh yeah, we resurrected the “Everton, oh we love Everton” ’85 team one for a while. Apart from the one in Mikky’s honour, the other three have been around since Moses was a lad, so there was never any chance of the Rooney one taking off whether he’d been present or not.

    Second, most blues have mellowed in their feelings towards Rooney in recent times. Partly because he’s made overtures, partly because we think we’ve actually got a chance of achieving something (rather than just being frustrated at our own mediocrity), and partly because time heals anyway. I think the most prevalent reaction to Rooney would have been amusement over his current difficulties and mickey taking rather than hatred or “unbelievable abuse”. I mean “No woman, no Kai”? It might be a little hurtful (poor diddums), but it’s not exactly hateful is it? If that’s the worst we were planning for him (and I maintain it was always unlikely to be taken up anyway) it’s not even in the same galaxy as the kind of stuff he got the first few times he came back.

  • Daniel Storey

    Well firstly I has heard that the chant I mentioned was sung at the game, but if im wrong fine.

    Secondly, i understand what youre saying about the support. But when youre best defender comes out and says that he will get a lot of abuse, and then SAF takes him out the squad because of the crowd, then that must say something. Im not saying it would have been hateful, im saying he would have got unbelievable abuse. And Rooney is the sort of player who would have reacted to this. I think thats a fair enough statement.

    And the photoshopped picture is to hide the genitalia (of the blowup variety). Seems tasteful

  • Jim

    You mean Jagielka? He said “It should be amusing. On Merseyside Wayne always gets a little bit of stick and I’ll be giving him a little bit as well if he plays on Saturday.”

    So that’s him saying Rooney “will get a lot of abuse” is it?

    As for Fergie, once more he’s spun a story and the media have fallen for it. Don’t get me wrong, that’s part of his job, and one of the parts he does exceedingly well on a regular basis, but you (and journos in general) should recognise he might just have an agenda in what he says.

    Try singing No Woman No Kai to yourself – think it would work as a terrace chant? Not with the long pauses. And as for the sex doll, he’s probably had worse ribbing off his teammates if footballers biographies are anything to go by.

  • Mick

    Mellowed towards Rooney? What has that man done to make us mellow towards him? Abusing our club, our manager and badge kissing after scoring against the club who nurtured him, the club he supposedly supported as a (granny shagging) boy. No Jim, I don’t know any blues who don’t despise the little turd. We were ripped off by him and his mate Stretford ender after he only gave us two years of his time. Sorry but I curse the pervy mega rich Judas and always will. COYB

  • Jim

    Mick. Get help.

  • Mick

    No Jim, you need to get some principles, something which most Evertonians are blessed with. You would probably forgive Sutcliffe and Brady if they became media darlings you sad twat. Go sit and read your daily fix of gossip and celebs in the Sun