At home with Stephen Ireland

Posted by - September 17, 2010 - Aston Villa, Oddballs

Crazy footballer has crazy house

With his (briefly) raspberry ripple Audi, Grannygate and a host of other examples of bizarre behaviour, we know Stephen Ireland has a funny way of doing things.

So it is no surprise to discover that his interior design has all the taste of a cardboard sandwich. Starting with the Baz Luhrmann Suite. As well as the Romeo and Juliet fish-tank wall, Ireland also has a personalised ‘Ireland’-emblazoned black pool table.

We would love to tell you that this is the master bedroom, but alas it allegedly belongs to Ireland’s daughter. We’re not entirely convinced.

No footballers mansion is complete without the furry white chair with arch.

Ireland does have an indoor swimming pool, but at that size it’s barely worth mentioning. Perfect for a morning dip in your Superman Speedos.

And finally, here it is in all its tacky splendour.

Spotted on Broadsheet via Dirty Tackle

  • tnnelson

    i love how like 2 weeks ago he was talkin’ smack about cocky young City players who come in with their expensive cars and watches. now look at him. what a fag

  • Lenny

    Weird house? I guess my house will look weird too if i make 70000 pounds a week..