Chicago Fire reveal Super Mario banner

Posted by - September 28, 2010 - Football videos, MLS & US

Any chance of City getting one for Balotelli?

Is it the first of its kind?

We have now tasted the future, and it is interactive football banners.

I received a little bit of stick over American jibes at the weekend, but this gets my compliments rushing back. It is the work of Chicago Fire fans, and intended as an insult to Seattle Sounders, who are sponsored by the Microsoft-owned Xbox.

Any other clubs had a go? Let us know.

  • grawsee

    Not the first of it’s kind… Seattle seems to bring it out of people… that green is very annoying…

    From last year’s US Open Cup, I believe,, Portland and Vancouver join MLS next season, which should make the Pacific Northwest quite interesting

  • Tom the toker

    Its not the green thats annoying… its the pent up rage and frustrations of millions of 
    Windows users who have had to deal with virus, trojans and malware that is the bane of computing (well, Windows computing. Apple and Linux users are luckier).
    Throw in the angry Xbox users (Xbox break down at a 54% rate while the other two consoles are around 10%)

    They see that Xbox logo and they think Microsoft right away.

    No one hates Seattle as much as they hate Xbox/Microsloth.