David Beckham responds to prostitute jibe

Posted by - September 26, 2010 - England, MLS & US

Are you talking to me… are you to talking to me?

Please try to ignore the News of the World (spit) branding all over the video.

Americans can be idiots, especially when it comes to good old fashioned British footy. But they stooped to a new low on Friday night, when a dick fan shouted at King David to “stop it with all the prostitutes”.

Instead of letting it slide, like the thousands of taunts about World Cup 98, his wife, Rebecca Loos and leaving the Galaxy for Italy, Becks took the fan to task.

Probably the lowest point is when the fan then claims that he didn’t say anything. To be honest, I would probably have been starstruck.

  • roykean

    Such a shame for that Galaxy fan.

  • George Washington

    Really? “Americans”, “They stooped to a new low”? because of what one guy said? Notions like this are the reasons Americans hate the rest of the world, and don’t act like we care what you third world savages think about us.

  • Holdo

    Americans stooped to a new low?? I’m not sure you can generalise a whole nation from one American idiot. Saying that my fellow American did when he said no wonder we hate the rest of the world. Anyway way to go Beckham!

  • Danno

    So…what point were those Americans making? That they do care but act like they don’t? Whatever, they don’t get football and are a country of fat twats, smoke my dick.

    I wish Beckham had punched him, things like this are great fun when chanted (see Ashley Cole, mobile phone) but not when said in person to someone.

  • Jon

    as a fan of a certain team, i think that you should always show support for the players on that team, dont knock them for some shit that the tabloids are shitting out. becks should have slapped that guy around. im an american and a lover of football (not american football), and i think its tragic the way galaxy fans treat ole’ davey becks. also i think its pretty ignorant of the other americans posting on this to call the rest of the world savages. maybe people should try getting out of their comfortable, fast food munching, lazy lives and get out in the world and experience other cultures.