Did Samir Nasri dive against Tottenham?

Posted by - September 22, 2010 - Arsenal, EFL Cup, Football videos, Tottenham

‘Arry certainly thinks so

And OTP is inclined to agree. Arsenal recorded a comfortable on paper 1-4 Carling Cup victory over North London rivals Spurs last night. But the match went to extra-time and two of the goals were penalties scored in the additional half-hour.

The first of the spot-kicks, which sent the Gunners on the way to victory, was won and scored by Samir Nasri after having his back stroked by Sebastien Bassong.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp said: “I thought the first one was harsh. He fell over. Really I think he’s dived for the first penalty. The second penalty was a blatant one. He’s pulled him.”

Unsurprisingly, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger had a different view.

He said: “In my opinion there were two penalties.”

  • Sigmund Fred

    Look at the very first angle. His got his shirt. Of course it’s a penalty. I can’t believe this talk of diving. It’s just Spurs feeling sore because, after all their big talk, about being a bigger club, etc, etc, they got thumped.

  • Don


    Desperate. It’s a penalty again and again and again.

  • Oskarw

    He clearly tugs his shirt. But why no yellow or red on neither of the penalties?

  • Judith Le’Strange

    To right, we ran them ragged and most of the possession, I wonder if Redknapp realised half the Spurs supporters were leaving in droves and it was only the Arsenal fans that were there at the end. I just hope we can do the same when we play them in the league. Three cheers for Wilsher who bossed the midfield, a good replacement for Fabregas should he decide to go.

  • Barndoor Bendtner

    Sour grapes from Twitch. Spurs got shafted and he knows it.
    You should forget about these types of posts and have a look at another horror tackle by Stoke. What is more important a soft penalty or a career wrecking assault?

  • ZiiNC

    I’m so glad this is such a balenced article by mentioning Keans goals being blatenly offside and Gibbs clear goal chance being on side.

    Well done, great article, you’re a credit to your profession.

  • GunnerX

    I cant believe this is really up for discussion, of course he did not dive, his shirt was tugged, end of story!

  • http://www.arsenalsa.com Wiseman

    It looked a penalty to me. Not because of shirt tugging, but because he clipped his heals as he ran across him. Look at his feet and you will see the same.

  • Ray Finch

    Shame Wolves didnt have last nights referee on Saturday. The shirt pulling and body check on Jarvis was the most blatant penalty shout Ive seen all season !

  • Lez

    Of course it wasn’t a penalty. The guy went down easier than Jordan on a hen night.

  • Mark

    A quote from Bassong after the game: ‘I didn’t think it was a penalty. He [Nasri] told me afterwards that I barely touched him.’ Well done on all agreeing it was a definite penalty, deluded Arsenal fans.

  • Mac

    You goons enjoy your minor victory! What have you won in the last 5 years?! You may say their the tin cup but at least its something!
    You aint got a squad of boys anymore, the days of those EXCUSES are long gone!
    You boys have gone a long way since the days of the double … DOWNHILL!
    You better win SOMETHING or Fab will 100% go. Only reason he didnt leave in the summer was because HE WOULDNT GET IN THE BARCA TEAM! FACT & HE KNOWS IT!
    He dont start for Spain so has NO CHANCE for them! Fact!

  • Bobajob

    No mention of the fact that Nasri was offside just before he dived?
    No mention of only one effort on target in 90 mins despite “running spurs ragged and having most of the possession?
    Well done Arsenal, your 1st teamers and fringe players needed extra time and a dodgy pen to beat Spurs’ fringe players and u18’s. Be proud !
    If Keane hadn’t missed an open goal on 83 mins it all could have been so different.

  • Matt

    It was not a penalty, Nasri totally dived – see how he goes down like a sack of spuds! But Arsenal did deserve to win anyway so who cares.

    And let’s be honest, did we even want to win this tie? If it hadn’t been against Arsenal we wouldn’t be talking about it today, as Spurs don’t need the Cup distraction!

    However, let’s not forget that for most of the game the Spurs youngsters / new boys held the more experienced Arsenal team to a draw.

  • goonpel

    first teamers i dont think so only nasri would be an automatic first pick. and i believe your fringe players cost 65 million. problem is you deluded tossers now think your a big club lets see where you are come seasons end you may find that a cup run would have been a welcome distraction. oh and i do like all those blue seats!!!

  • Bobajob’s lover

    No mention of the fact that Keane was offisde for your goal? No mention of the fact that Keane was offside (and this time even flagged) when he hit the post after 83 mins? No mention of the fact that Arsenal were robbed by the linesman for 2-0. You’re just being desperate now aren’t you. You guys were very lucky to get extra time indeed.

    I love how the Spuds desperately tries to wriggle away from a defeat which clearly hurts. It probably did hurt seeing Livermore, Caulker, Naughton & co. being totally out of their depth. ‘Arry said before the game that it’s trophies that matter and he didn’t like Wenger’s approach to the cup. After the game it was a different tune altogether as ‘Arry suddenly didn’t care too much about the cup after all.

  • arseman

    rofling at ‘minor victory’….looks like most of the spudniks have forgotten about their delirious celebrations after the 5-1 in 2008…..

    @bobajob….Keane had already been flagged offside before he missed that ‘open goal’ on 83 minutes…

  • MalSpur

    The dodgy penalty was the turning point of the game! We were on the up until your dirty cheat went down faster than the Whinger on a 10 year old! You may have had more posession but could do f**k all with it! We could not have fielded a more inexperienced team, players who barely know one another! Still kept your lot out for 90 mins. The 5-1 drubbing we gave you was a lesson in football, last night was anything but! Ref was looking out for your fragile little boys, nearly every Spurs tackle resulted in a booking in the first half hour meaning our lads had to back off. Of course I am gutted we lost, no excuses, the wrong selection was made. We weren’t thumped, cheated yes. COYS

  • James

    The 1st pen was a soft one, but if you are going to be the wrong side of the player in your own box the smallest of touches leaves the ref little option. (the ref was also positioned right behind the tackle. so he would have seen bassongs arms go around him and then him go down)…still a soft one though! I thought they should have had a pen in the 1st half wrong BAE rammed Henri Thingymeyig (cant remember his name)

    Look the Goons fielded a stronger side then expected and they bossed the first half. We added Azza (1st teamer) and Keane (bench warmer) and I thought the game balanced out.

    2 pens in 5mins…game over. The margin between win and lose is so small these days that it doesnt really matter what the final score was. They won and they on reflection deserved too.

    To me I thought Sandro looks like he will be a great player once he gets used to the speed of our game. I thought Livermore, Naughton and Caulker struggled to cope with the speed and movement of the Goons. As far as the keeper…uhm!

  • geo

    its clearly a penalty,no reason for him to dive ,he was totally 1 on 1 with keeper,shirt pulled tripped enough said pENALTY!!!!

  • Dirty Spud Scum

    I find it very hard to believe that Nasri would tell Bassong “you didn’t touch me” I hate the dirty spuds!!!

  • parklane

    Of course he dived!!! The only peopel who dont see it are those blinkered gooners…..funny that!

    They can have there little Carling Cup 3rd round glory…. after all they need to win a tropy soon… hahaha

  • http://arsenal-world.co.uk Goonerbeall

    Dont mind that Redknap. He’s been exposed. He likes apearing in the media pontificating about things that are controversial provided its not about brown envelopes and unpaid taxes. We all know what it would have been if they won at Emirates with the same scoreline.

  • Tujha_Kaka

    FA is partial

  • colspur

    you cant put your hands on anyone in the box when its one on one they were both penalties but both arsenal players dived to the ground to make sure they got them. as for the blue seats spurs fans despite being 4-1 down were the singing the loudest. i remember when we smashed you 5-1 their was only 1 yes 1 arsenal fan left in the away end. when im sitting in milan with a pizza and a cold bottle of peroni i will think to myself you know what i fckin love tottenham. by the way what is it with your fans and im being serious when ever the cameras go on your fans it looks like an outing from some kind of backward adult centre all you see is monged up faces and glasses . enjoy your win i did when we beat you 5-1 and we went on to beat the other scumbags in the final coys

  • ollyparklane

    I was there. We were outplayed so much in the first half it was embarrassing. Their kids are more experienced and played really well, unfortunately. At least we learned a few things; I think Caulker was actually pretty class for an 18 year old. Gio and Livermore nowhere near good enough unfortunately. Sandro looks like he will be a great payer but needs to get used to the pace. Keano points and shouts a lot, but we knew that already. I am faster and have a better left foot than Bentley and I’m not quick and as for my left peg… Wilshire and Gibbs are clearly very good. Never a pen, he was stroking his back but wouldn’t have affected the result. Better team won. Hopefully our 1st 11 v theirs, and we might get a little closer than we did in the 1st half. COYS

  • James

    Pizza and Peroni !!!

    Love it

  • Kutuhead

    Just like how hutton ‘dived’ over the weekend?

  • arsenal Bullet

    the questions should be? did keane score… was gibbs denied a clear goal chance… i think d game went into ET becos of the lines men and not becos they spuds deserved to anyways happy moaning Hot Spunks!!!

  • Matt

    Haha, Gooners are THE most bitter fans on the planet! Always makes me laugh how they’re harping on about how great they are all the bloody time and how they’re better than Spurs.

    That’s their best claim: “we’re better than Spurs”.

    That’s why they keep flapping on about it – they’re SO mediocre, with no titles, no silver… They try to make themselves feel better about their consistent third place by spouting nonsense.

    Gooners look down the table and pretend there’s nothing above them Instead of being better than Spurs, shouldn’t you be trying to be better than Chelsea or United?

    Spurs are moving up in the world, Gooners, what have you achieved in the past 5 years?

  • Stoney

    Nasri is a cheating diving french git. It runs through the core of ar5ena1. Cheating and diving. They’ve done it for years. They’ve perfected it under the tuition of that blind frog. One day they might win a game fairly but no time soon.

  • Nasri’sMum

    The cheating french fuck cheated but then thats what Whinger employs them to do. Spurs definately fielded the weaker side so let the Goons have their day, they wont really be celebrating much after this!! No chance for the League, No chance for Champs League, so i guess the Craling Cup and FA Cup is all they have. Shame they fall to bits soon as they meet Chelsea or Man Utd. Oh well, only another seasonless trophy for the cheating french cocks and their peado master………..

  • arseman

    @Matt.. it’s going to be 50 years since your lot won the league. What have you achieved in that time?

    The only time since someone has won the league at the Lane has been in 1971 and 2004…

    But never mind, go on harping about our Arsene being a paedo and our players all being French (despite three home grown English players in the starting XI and another two on the bench last night) if it makes you feel better….after all you’ll need it when you go crashing out of the Champions League group stage.

    I leave you with this


  • arseman

    Oh and by the way, all those Spuds using our ‘full strength team’ as an excuse..

    These 11 players weren’t in the starting line-up last night

    Almunia, Sagna, Clichy, Squillaci, Vermaelen, Song, Fabregas, Diaby, Ramsey, Walcott, Arshavin, Chamakh, Van Persie, Bendtner.

    That’s pretty close to being our first choice starting XI in most league games.

  • Matt

    @arseman…. er, have you actually READ what I said? Try reading it again. Give us a shout if there are any words you get stuck on.

    You Dick.

    And, I don’t see anyone mentioning the ‘full strength team’ except you. Some people have mentioned though that you fielded a more experienced Arsenal team than we did. And that’s true. You Dick.

    Until November then Gooners… Ciao!

  • Rob

    Not an Arsenal or Spurs fan, if that was a foul then every single challenge is a foul too. At the most the defender made contact with Nasri’s side. If the ref gave a penalty for that then he should have blown every time a player touched the opposition.

  • arseman

    Yes Matt, I did indeed read your comment, which is why I listed out your own teams inadequacies when it comes to winning honours…the fact is that you rejoice in Chelsea’s and United’s superiority over us makes you even more of a laughing stock…it’s like Arsenal fans laughing at Chelsea or United because they haven’t won as many European Cups as Madrid or Milan…and I doubt any of us would be that deluded.

    As for the first team comment…..read this page as well as the interwebz, it’s full of bitter Spurs fans complaining about how we played a far stronger team – maybe they didn’t use the words ‘first team’, but the fact is that most of our best starting 11 didn’t play. Besides our starting 11 on Tuesday had an average age less than yours, not our fault that our youngsters have more experience than ours.

    You moan about how Arsenal fans go on about their team being better than Spurs, when the fact is, our focus has already shifted to the West Brom and Partizan games next week, and this time next week, we’ll hardly be talking about this game anymore.

    All you, and your fellow Spurs fans can do is to call us names, go on about our team being full of Frenchies and our manager being a paedo, signs that you doubt the credibility of your own arguments.

  • Stoney

    Arseman. What’s in a name hey?

  • Matt

    Arseman, Dickman, Cocksucker… he could have used any of those really.

    And he still totally misunderstood my point. Still, I really can’t be bothered to spell it out to him. He is, after all, a dumbass Gooner.