Gary Neville talks of his respect for Liverpool

Posted by - September 10, 2010 - Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United

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Manchester United captain Gary Neville has never been shy in stirring up Manc-Scouse relations, but the emergence of Manchester City as a Premier League force seems to have forced him to re-evaluate the priorities of his levels of dislike.

Neville’s crimes against Liverpool include and over-exuberant goal celebration that prompted a letter of concern from the police and a public declaration that: “I can’t stand Liverpool, I can’t stand Liverpool people, I can’t stand anything to do with them”.

But in his old age, the 35-year-old seems to have discovered a new level of tolerance for his old adversaries, especially when he compares them to the new kids on the block.

In a thinly-veiled dig at Manchester City, he said: “When I was younger, I was a United fan but Liverpool were winning everything and it was a horrible time.

“It’s jealousy, hatred and passion for your own club. In recent years everybody’s been ‘we all hate Man United’ because have been winning.

“But I have more respect for Liverpool in a sense of their tradition and their history than I would do some of the other clubs that have been coming on the scene in the last few years, throwing a load of money at it.”

Hmm, Gary Neville is a Red, he hates Scousers, but he respects them more than Man City doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

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    No-one cares a hoot what he thinks or does.

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    liverpool is the best we don’t give a shit what this pussy thinks