Jack Wilshere was ‘trying to take photos up skirts’

Posted by - September 2, 2010 - Arsenal

Arsenal and England star allegedly pestering girls in club

Jack Wilshere, who was arrested and released on police bail on suspicion of GBH last weekend, had earlier been thrown out of a club for pestering girls. The 18-year-old had allegedly been annoying a group of 30 girls celebrating a 23rd birthday by attempting to take up-skirt photos using his mobile phone.

Josefin Rosen, aged 20, whose group was in the VIP section of Amika along with Wilshere’s, said: “Jack kept laughing and trying to take pictures up our skirts. He made me feel really uncomfortable. If I was his mother I’d be ashamed of him.”

Josefin told The Sun allegedly teetotal Wilshere was drinking but not that drunk.

An Amika spokesman confirmed the incidents and said: “We put up a barrier and provided security between the girls and Jack Wilshere’s party. They were asked to leave.”

  • Heru

    Hahaha, this is the worst piece of tabloid journalism ever. Am glad I’m not a footballer having to put up with ridiculous shite like this.

  • Oskar

    Exactly what you expect from an 18 year old.. Big deal

  • Bart

    Little man behind keyboard publishes ‘alleged’ story from a dubious source to about very talented youngster.
    Well done Rob, your mother must be so proud of you.

  • philippe

    josefin rosin, 20 and pissed off that a potential millionnaire footballer didnt pick her up said ….

  • Harry Barracuda

    Oh god, another sad wanker with another sad blog.

  • rob

    show us the photos….(as proof)

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    Ah, it’s the bi-monthly visit of the Angry Gooner Society.

    The club where it happened has CONFIRMED the allegations.

  • Bart

    Rob, mate, well done then, this scoop could be your making; hailed as journalist of the year. Fame beckons, champagne, wild women what more does a man of your talents want.

  • baz

    even if it is true Rob did you never have a laff in nightclubs when you was 18?

  • adam

    why dont they cut him some slack hes only 18 what else would you expect. Its not as if hes trying to shove him bloody dick up her skirt now is it!!!

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    Bart> It’s not a scoop. As referred to in the post, The Sun got the scoop. Which paragraphs did you read exactly before commenting?

  • Bart

    Rob, my friend, what a shame, no scoop for you then, no fame, no champagne. Oh well, there’s always a next non-scandal you can latch on to.

    Keep the cutting edge blogging going, you’ll go far.

  • jeffers

    so it’s not a scoop, you have added no fresh insight of your own, so what exactly is it?

  • Rob M

    You guys are sad, some guy just does his job and you all take to bitching about it. If this stuff wasn’t written then you’d have nothing to read. So why don’t you just stfu whinging.

  • Jaygooner

    Josefin told The Sun allegedly teetotal Wilshere was drinking but not that drunk.

    That is the clincher and proves the story to be complete bullshit. This lil darling Josefin,(convinced she is a Sun employee who wasn’t at the nightclub) alleges he was drinking, but was not drunk. Let’s ignore the FACT that Wilshere,18 years of age, a known teetotal, would be “out of his box”, had he been drinking.

    So he was trying to get some “upskirt shots” of some tarts in a nightclub? At 18 years of age, I would call that having a giggle and nothing more. If the Sun employee Josefin had been so offended, she had an easy choice, shut your bleeding legs, you silly tart.

  • hollis

    Whinge, whinge, fackin whinge.

    What is it with L’Arse, City and Liverpool that causes their supporters to kick holy hell whenever one of their players is called out for being a class-A cock?

    Age has nothing to do with it, Wilshere is a professional athlete that has a responsibility to represent himself as such with his actions reflecting on the club and ultimately the supporters. With Wilshere coming across as a bit of a muggy cnut it then follows that…

    Wilshere is just another over rated prospect that has bought into his own hype, with discipline he may develop into a world class player. If he continues to play grab arse and club hero he’ll just end up another Gazza. The post-Rangers Gazza.

  • scooch

    Hold on second…… This was an exclusive scoop??? From where exactly…..? Ooooh The Sun? Must be true then, eh? Fucking prick!!!

  • wawanee

    now that is one way for a role model to act. this is a follow up to Emannuel Thomas speeding using his vehicle as a weapon to kill people

  • B.

    Wow, people. IF that story is indeed true, there is absolutely nothing funny or harmless about someone trying to photograph up a woman’s skirt. No, not even if he’s 18. No, not even if she’s “some tart in a nightclub” (charming, by the way).

  • Brad

    whoever this girl was was probably a spurs fan and making it up so he cant play

  • K.

    Not sure why anyone is picking on the standard of journalism – it is a well written piece in that it is factual, to the point and not full of emotive crap. Funnily enough the only thing that could be accused of being tabloid is the comments being made – sounds like a bunch of Daily Mail readers!!

  • yashesp

    guys…gotta admit..not the best thing to do from jack..because they have a role model to play..cesc, nasri, etc..did not do it..the thing about his age is ridiculous..he wronged and thats it..the consequence was right(i mean to be thrown out of the club)…
    but media is immediately fucking it i admit..
    i did what he did several times!!!:)
    but he’s got a club and country to represent..and this is not the best way to do it or to earn respect!!!

  • jrosen

    if only you women too you would understand, i attended the club woth 20 swedes whodidnt give him any attention what so ever (as no one even recognised him). i couldnt stay at the table after he tried grabbing, it was disrespectful and so are all of your comments. i did not go to the sun looking fot attention, they found me so i thought why not? hopefully girls will know what a dick he is in the future.

    ive met a lot of celebs and athletes but no one has ever treated me or any of my guests this way, he is nothing but a chav.