Kitman: Sevilla’s Julien Escude goes phonetic with his SQD shirt

Posted by - September 13, 2010 - Kitman

For when your six letter surname is just too long

If you are the sort of person who is pushed to the brink of cardiac arrest by the infiltration of text speak into other areas of life, you might want to steer clear of Sevilla games this season.

French defender Julien Escude has adopted the moniker SQD for the back of his shirt this season. That just so happens to be a pretty good phonetic spelling of his surname in his mother tongue.

Any suggestions for similar shortened names for Premier League players?

Thanks to OTP reader Piotr for spotting this over the weekend.

  • AJ

    Wayne Rooney = Hos
    John Terry = Coc

  • Daniel Storey

    The only one I can think of is Michael Essien…. S E N

    And thats taken me a lot of my working day to get!

  • Rob Parker

    Nice work, Dan!

  • Damian Coyle

    What about Sunderland’s Asamoah “GN” Gyan?

  • Daniel Storey

    Ok, I can only apologise for what I am about to do. Its been a long evening and ive had help i promise:

    Diaby – D R B
    Ales – L X (Dodgy one)
    Pienaar – P N R
    Owen – O N

    Sorry Rob!