Lee Hughes takes cheeky dig at Wolves fans, Wolves fans have last laugh

Posted by - September 22, 2010 - EFL Cup, West Brom, Wolves


Notts County striker Lee Hughes was left with egg on his chin as well as marker pen on his t-shirt as his goal celebration stunt backfired. The West Brom legend was given a torrid time by Wolves fans on his first return to Molineux since his heyday with the Baggies.

The 34-year-old must have thought it was his lucky day when he headed the Magpies into the lead and revealed a t-shirt featuring West Brom’s beloved ‘boing boing’ chant.

But Wolves were to get the last laugh. With Hughes substituted 10 minutes from time, the Premier League outfit managed to take the match to extra-time and went on to win the Carling Cup tie 4-2.

County boss Craig Short said: “I didn’t know Lee was planning that celebration. I’m just disappointed for him that it wasn’t the winner.”

  • johnwolf

    It was right and just that “scum” like hughes get the verbal, he is a murdering piece of low life, let’s not forget the live’s he ruined by his actions and then to cap it all off he does a runner-low life.

  • Stuart Mowat

    You cant blame Lee Hughes forever for the mistake he made several years ago. I do not condone his actions that day as he was clearly in the wrong and did ruin a family forever, but he has served his punishment now and should be allowed to get on with his life. If you feel his punishment should have been harsher then your anger should be directed at the judicial system and the law, not Hughes. As for the Boing Boing shirt, its a bit of banter and Hughes is not the first player to pull off such a stunt. Wolves won the game anyway. “JohnWolf” says he is low life scum. I disagree, he made a mistake and paid for his mistake under the ruling of the law. He did not go out and intentionally kill someone. It was after all an accident and we should not lose sight of that fact.

  • Wigan Baggies

    Just a bit of banter….he did the crime and did his time, give him a break.
    He got booed and he give it back, fair play hughesy…Boing boing

  • bigbadbob

    ” johnwolf says:
    September 22, 2010 at 10:34 am
    It was right and just that “scum” like hughes get the verbal, he is a murdering piece of low life, let’s not forget the live’s he ruined by his actions and then to cap it all off he does a runner-low life.”

    You sound like a very moralistic man. I don’t think for one minute that you would have dished out the same level of abuse purely on the basis that he is an ex West Brom player using his past prison sentence as a self righteous excuse for letting off a bit of steam. You’ve probably never even sworn before.

  • Come And Hear The Smethwick Sing!

    JohnWolf- only one side was “scum” last night, throwing bricks through supporters coach windows and smoke bombs onto the field of play, and it wasn’t the ex convict! Who, by the way, served the sentence he was given, and i’m sure carries the guilt of his crime with him forever. Stuart Mowat sums up pretty much everything to be honest, well put Stuart.

  • GeorgeBaggie


    Are you a complete idiot?

    Murder = The premeditated taking of someone’s life. Are you suggesting Lee Hughes planned to kill? He was convicted of causing “death by dangerous driving”, NOT murder. Whilst I am appalled at what he did and that he “did a runner”, I also believe that he has been punished in the eyes of the law, and that should be the end of it. Do you really think the chanting of “Murderer” is respectful to the family of the man who lost his life? I’m sure they are as appalled as anyone else, by the behaviour of Wolves fans last night. I suppose you agree with the trashing of the Notts County fans’ coaches, by some of your moronic “fans”, which left a 78 year old woman in hospital? What if she had died? Would Wolves fans claim it as “an eye for an eye” in the name of the man who died in the accident? Probably, seeing as they appear to be blaming Hughes for them attacking the coaches! FFS!!

    It’s no surprise that (almost) everybody hates Wolves. The press will have a field day now, enjoy the yellow and red cards that follow the intense scrutiny of your pitiful team’s style of “football”!

    Boing! Boing! Oh, sorry! I hope that me saying “Boing! Boing!” doesn’t incite a riot!

    Grow up! You Dingles can dish it out, but you can’t take a bit of banter back!

  • EssexBaggie

    The only scum here is you johnwolf. What an appalling, juvenile and short-sighted post. You should be deeply ashamed of yourself and of your so called fellow fans after last night’s diabolical incidents.

  • Moscow_Wolf

    I agree that the manslaughter charge is over and done however, the facts leading up to the incident give me a different incite into the man Hughes. He was left on the bench, threw his toys out of his pram, hit the bottle and then caused that fatal accident and did a runner. I agree that he did his time and as far as I am concerned it is over.

    As an ex-Boggie or ex-Wolf in a similar situation, you would expect harassment from the terraces. Showing the Boing Boing shirt could be construed as actions leading to a breach of the peace and I personally think that he shouldn’t have gone that far as I also think it insulting to his current club, but that is my own opinion.

    As an old North Bank Boot Boy, I find the action of throwing rocks at coaches both cowardly and rather stupid and I have no sympathy for those that did it if they’re caught. Many a trip home on the old Don Everalls with the windows out on a cold winters night is NO FUN at all.

    Lets see who gets the bragging rights this time around as you Boggies are now the underdogs again in my opinion.

  • Moscow_Wolf

    I meant insight and not incite – typo.

  • Exiled Baggie

    Hughes is a born and bred baggies fan if an ex wolves player in the same ilk ( cant include bully as much as youd like to boys and girls 😉 ) was in the same position and scored against us and unveiled a tshirt with doing it doghead style or whatever on it, I really dont think it would be used as a pathetic excuse to attack women and children on coaches with breeze blocks and half enders.
    Trying to tie this in with what he did 6 years ago or so is all the more pathetic, he dragged the name of our club through the dirt and the courts with his pathetic and disgusting actions following the crash and deaths he caused but the abuse he was put through last night in no way had anything to do with that and was all to do with the fact he was a baggies fan any doghead who tries to claim moral high ground over the abuse he was put through is as big a coward and liar as he was for running away.

  • Millsy

    Low life scum ? there were 10,000 of them at moinux on tuesday. you only beat up your grannies

  • Max

    As a so called professional player Hughes should keep his mind on the game and NOT on how he can taunt and wind up the Wolves crowd. His shirt was a deliberate attempt to cause trouble and if anyone is surprised that a small minority of thugs at the match responded to this they are kidding themselves! EVERY club has thugs in the crowd, you just don’t expect them on teh pitch! Hughes knew exactly what he was doing, once a trouble making thug ALWAYS a trouble making thug. He provoked the voilence, this doesn’t justify it and as The Molineux have said, those responsible will never set foot in teh ground again. So, i wonder what Hughes punishment in his part in this will be?! Nothing probably. Players need to start acting with more dignity…. especially with his past you’d think he’d keep his head down. I habve no idea why any Baggies supporter would want him associated with their club.

  • Come And Hear The Smethwick Sing!

    Yes Moscow and Max, Obviously wearing a t-shirt with “Boing Boing” written on it is incitement to riot and attack opposition supporters and their coaches! . . . Oh sorry NO IT ISN’T!!!!!!!! This was no mere accident, do you all carry smoke grenades round with you all the time? Don’t try and defend the indefensable, you make your otherwise reasonable comments seem stupid. Well put Exiled Baggie!

  • http://www.wba.co.uk Patrick Albion

    Lee hughes comitted an awful crime but he’s done his time and why the hell not take the piss out of the wolves fans if u manage to score against them, i would have done the same! them 10,000 or so dingles gave him some right stick the whole game so im surprised he didnt run past the south bank celebrating!

    The dingle fans should be ashamed of themselves for bricking them coaches, thats cowardly as what lee did. so stop moaning dingles and sort your own fans/club b4 having a go at someone else. ALBION TIL WE DIE

  • Shakey David

    . Players need to start acting with more dignity: ? would that include the blatent dive to get the penalty or the elbow off the ball by Doyal within seconds of coming on.
    did the shirt upset a fan so much that he found it necessary to go home and fetch a flare. YOU say those responsible will never set foot in the ground again, The first thing Wolves tried to do was distance themselves from the ambush, claiming it was not football related. This was a serious assault, causing a broken skull. How many Wolves fans have come forward to name and shame these yobs. or do you all attack kids and oap’s when somone takes the piss. Once a trouble making thug ALWAYS a trouble making thug Max; you seem to be one of the more intellegent Wolves fans, so perhaps you can tell me what you would do to the players caught selling drugs, or GBH, as it is ileagal to discriminate when the sentence is served.

  • YorkBaggies1

    johnwolf understand what you are commenting and writing about and maybe then you wont come across as a halfwit