Life ban for Sheffield FC fan who tipped bin over opposition player

Posted by - September 23, 2010 - FA Cup, Non-league

Never to see the world’s oldest club again

A Sheffield FC supporter has been banned from the club for life after tipping a rubbish bin over an opposing player.

The incident happened at an FA Cup replay with Woodley Sports last week. There had been verbal exchanges between players and some of the crowd, which led the referee to send Woodley substitute Tom Blackler to the dressing room.

Blacker left the dugout as directed. As he walked down the touchline, a Sheffield supporter picked up a rubbish bin and tipped the contents over the player’s head.

The supporter later apologised for the incident but has still been handed a life-ban by the club who said it was “totally unacceptable”.

  • bilby

    And the rest of the crowd chanted ‘what a load of rubbish’?

  • Dronnie

    You’ve not quite got the full effect.

    The guy didn’t just drop the contents over Blackler’s head (rubbish + rainwater, ugh) but the bin itself. It was one of those massive ones, as high as the perimeter fencing and wide enough to easily fit over him.

    All hell broke loose.

    Blackler’s teammates and the Sheffield players ran over, spectators came over and the Club stewards and officials raced to him to prevent a full and frank exchange of views.

    Both hilarious and utterly disastrous at the same moment.

    Daft sod didn’t even understand that what he’d done meant he (and us) were up s**t creek.