Lost property request at Oxford United

Posted by - September 8, 2010 - League Two, Quotes

Jumpers for goalposts and all that

If one story this season reminds you of the difference between the Premier League and League Two, please let it be this.

Oxford United launched an appeal on their website after the weekend game against Morecambe:

One of our supporters has reported the loss of a personal item following Saturday’s home match with Morecambe. The item – a light blue sweater – was lost around Row K, Seat 75 in the South Stand Lower after the end of the game. Any supporters with information regarding the missing item are asked to contact the club on 01865 337500

It is quaint, it is sweet, it is village. And I am patronising.

Looking forward to Manchester United’s next appeal: Lost on Sunday morning, a large amount of dignity. If found please return to a W.Rooney.

  • Jon

    What’s the big deal? I bet this would happen at the majority of football league clubs.

    Why don’t you journalists and bloggers pull your heads out of your Premier League arses, and come and watch proper football once in a while? Then you’d realise that common decency is actually still commonplace in our national sport, and not something to be sneered at from behind your keyboards and sky subscriptions…

  • Daniel Storey

    It was merely a point showing the difference between the two levels.

    It was meant to be a compliment to lower league football if anything, done in a (attempted!) humorous way.

    I would not deliberately offend lower league fans when I support a team in League One that has recently been in League Two

  • http://none Sam

    Yeah John, calm yourself. It was funny.