Mexican football team in prostitute sex scandal – kinda

Posted by - September 17, 2010 - Arsenal, Fulham, International, Rumours, South America

To be honest, not really got your moneys worth lads

So the eternal questions in life.. to be or not to be… what happens after death… when does a hooker become a hooker.

Various newspapers are today reporting the story that the Mexican squad hired fourteen prostitutes and a transvestite to celebrate their win over Colombia. Seems quite a scandal, surely?

Well not quite. The girls were allegedly paid “a nominal sum” to have some drinks with the stars, including Premier League players Carlos Salcido and Carlos Vela, and have their photos taken with the players. On top of this, it is reported that there is no suggestion that any of the players had sex with any of the girls (or trannies, man-girls, girly-men etc).

So while the Oxford Dictionary describes a prosititute as a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money, I fear that they simply had their escort heads on.

Finally, if I wrote for a tabloid newpaper, surely the best thing to do would be to report that no one had sex with any prostitues, APART from one player who had sex with the transvestite. Now that would be a decent witchhunt.

Finally finally, don’t search for Mexican footballers tranny on google images, not at work anyway. The first image is just wrong.

  • hollis

    Should’ve listen to you on the google tip. Kids? Really?