Tony Blair consulted Sir Alex Ferguson over sacking Gordon Brown

Posted by - September 2, 2010 - Manchester United, Oddballs

The politics of football

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has revealed in his memoirs that he sought the advice of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson on getting rid of Gordon Brown.

Blair was eager to ditch his Chancellor, but was concerned about destablising his government. So he consulted Labour supporter Fergie, who he knew was no stranger to getting rid of players who were no longer playing for the team.

Blair writes: “What would you do if you had a really difficult but brilliant player causing you problems? I would ask. Get rid of them, he would reply. And supposing after you got rid of them they were still in the dressing room and in the squad? I would say. That would be a different matter, he would reply, laughing.”

Brown can count himself lucky that Blair wasn’t advised to kick a boot at his head!