Top 10 football prostitute scandals

Posted by - September 6, 2010 - Lists

Honorary life president: Wayne Rooney

1. Half of France’s national team
The French tend to get off (so to speak) lightly when it comes to sex scandals. And given that it all seems to have gone pretty quiet on this front we assume the latest example is another case in point. Cast your mind back to May and French stars including Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema, Hatem Ben Arfa and Sidney Govou were caught up in a police investigation into underage prostitutes.

2. Wayne Rooney
Wazza was embroiled in prostitute scandals before he had even made his big move to Manchester United. He has admitted visiting the Auld Slapper, a 48-year-old prostitute who charged him £45-per-hour, as a 16-year-old.

3. Peter Crouch
Talk about an England strike partnership that’s paid to score. Wazza can pair up with Peter Crouch, whose own dalliance with a hooker was outed by the News of the World last month. The 6ft 7in striker was alleged to have paid £800 for a night with prostitute Monica Mint during a mate’s stag weekend in Madrid.

4. Ronaldo
The one-time Brazil great reached arguably his lowest point when he found himself in a bizarre pickle with three transvestite prostitutes. He had allegedly dropped his girlfriend off and picked up three hookers to take to a motel. When they arrived it turned out that Ronny’s working girls were actually blokes. The prostitutes then tried to extort £15,000 from him for his troubles.

5. Czech national team
The Czech Republic prostitute scandal initially claimed the international careers of coach Petr Rada and players Tomas Ujfalusi, Milan Baros, Radoslav Kovac, Martin Fenin, Marek Matejovsky and Vaclav Sverkos. There was public outcry when the players were photographed with hookers shortly after a 2-1 defeat to Slovakia. The indefinite bans placed on the players were later lifted for those who wanted to return to the international fold.

6. Israel national team
Israel were on the verge of qualifying for Euro 2000, but a humiliating 8-0 aggregate play-off defeat to Denmark sparked an investigation. The inquiry found several players invited prostitutes to their room the night before the 5-0 thrashing in Tel Aviv. Robinho quantities of condoms were found by hotel staff and four unnamed players later received bans.

7. Freddy Shepherd and Douglas Hall
The Newcastle board members were caught in a Spanish brothel during a News of the World sting in which they called Geordie women ‘dogs’, mocked Alan Shearer and boasted about the profit margins on replica shirts.

8. Avram Grant
The then Portsmouth manager was eventually outed as the Premier League manager who had been caught visiting an out-of-town Thai brothel, near Southampton, by a tabloid investigation. A ban on naming the manager involved was lifted after a fun game of Guess Who.

9. Wayne Rooney
Oh, deja vu. Wazza was also caught out paying £140 for sex with hooker Charlotte Glover in December 2002. To avoid a lengthy court battle with Charlotte over the truth of the claims, Rooney kindly left her a signed note which read: “To Charlotte, I shagged u on 28 Dec. Loads of Love. Wayne Rooney.”

10. Wayne Rooney
It’s a hat-trick for Wayne. Yesterday’s News of the World claimed he had repeatedly cheated on pregnant wife Coleen with prostitute Jennifer Thompson. The Manchester United striker paid her £1,200-a-time.

  • Luna

    I’m surprised there is no Crispy on this list.
    You know he has whored it up a time or twenty.

  • OmegaSupreme

    Plus there’s a dozen injunctions out for the rest of the England team, allegedly, allegedly.

    These footballers are so stupid they can’t even get laid without paying and they’re freakin rich.

  • tnnelson

    sounds like wayne might have an addiction

  • Rummy Dummy

    An addiction to stupid?

  • Michael

    A couple of things I do not understand about number 6, the Israeli prostitute scandal.

    1) What does the author mean by “Robinho quantities of condoms”? Can someone explain?

    2) How can four unnamed players be banned? Surely, everyone will know who the players are the next time Israel have and four players are no longer there?


  • DoctorFay


    1) robinho’s condom means during 2007, robinho hit the scandal of he was accused of partying hard and demanded a total of 40 condoms for his brazilian teammates…as a result, robinho,ronaldinho, julio baptista and other brazilian players arrived late to their respective clubs and they were fined..

    2) do you know the name of the israeli players? other than yossi benayoun and tal ben haim? if the media mention their names,you dont even know who they are since they are not as a public figure as wayne rooney so they dont want to make the issue more complicated..imagine if a 4th league player was accused of cheating his wife and paid a prostitute for a night..does it really care? no one will care because he is not wayne rooney or john terry..

  • jude

    i think is tym,we wud let this lads live thier lyf,wether they visit brothels or not,its there lyf,let them just keep doing wat we enjoy most.

  • Hugathug

    How is a single guy going to a brothel a scandal? Is it illegal or something? I go to brothels all d time for a shag & it never gets on the news.