Toto Schillaci becomes a mafia boss

Posted by - September 29, 2010 - Italy, Oddballs

Don’t worry, kids: it’s just acting

Former Italy World Cup star Toto Schillachi is adding to his CV with a role as a mafia boss on Italian TV. The former Messina, Juventus and Inter Milan player is to appear as a killer in the Squadra Antimafia series.

He said: “It’s a world that fascinates me, that of television and film: the role does not matter. Otherwise I do not know what you would think of De Niro.”

Schillachi is due to appear in two scenes, although he is expected to be playing dead for one of them.

The World Cup hero did show some mafioso tendencies on the field. In 1990, he received a one-match ban for threatening to shoot Bologna’s Fabio Poli.

  • Abdul Azim

    great footballing legend but not sure on mafioso. Even though he did used to look like a hothead and play like one in his prime!

  • Dublin Kopite

    The wig he’s wearing should get a show of its own… he didn’t have that much hair during Italia 90!

  • joe

    World Cup Winner?? I believe he only played in Italia ’90.

  • Ollie Irish
  • Anonymous

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