Video: Dirk Kuyt’s controversial goal (Liverpool v Sunderland)

Posted by - September 27, 2010 - Football videos, Liverpool, Sunderland

Outrageous action from the Premier League

It is farce worthy of the most poorly managed of Sunday morning leagues, but this bizarre footage comes from England’s top flight and the match between Liverpool and Sunderland.

As part of Steve Bruce’s Herculean challenge to complete post-match press conferences without picking up a fine, referee Stuart Atwell decided to award Dirk Kuyt’s goal despite Sunderland’s protests that the free-kick had not been taken.

Given that the free-kick was already being retaken because Atwell had said it had initially been taken too far forward, and given that Michael Turner nonchalantly flicks the ball back in the general direction of goalkeeper Simon Mignolet without so much as a glance, it is not hard to see why the Black Cats were furious.

As alluded to in our Top 10 conclusions, these bizarre incidents follow Stuart Atwell around like a bad smell.

Anybody view the incident differently?

  • Andy

    Hadn’t heard the part about it being a retake before. In that case its quite obvious that Turner wanted his keeper to take the kick if it had to move closer to the goal.

  • Andy

    Actually this is a cousin of those corners you sometimes see where one player touches the ball and then “leaves” it for another player to come and “take” the corner, but he runs over and starts dribbling because the ball is alive. There is no clear signal that the game has restarted, but I think the referee should rule in favour of the team playing the ball when there is a dispute.

  • drefooty

    I understand that by the letter of the law, it can be ruled a good goal. However, that obviously was not in the spirit of the game. I see it as an unfair advantage when Sunderland were not even playing and waiting for the official re-start.

    If I were a Liverpool fan, I’d be terribly embarrassed at what can only be described as poor sportsmenship. Very poor decision by the referee (and the Liverpool players) in my opinion.

  • Dave Macbeth

    Perhaps its more illuminating that even with scoring a goal like this, Liverpool still failed to beat Sunderland at home.

  • Andy

    And another thing – so the referee has decided that Turner was restarting the game with a backpass to his keeper. Why would he do that? Are Sunderland now a tiki-taka team? Does anyone have the Opta stats on %age of free kicks that Sunderland take short?