Video: Liverpool fan’s car gets wrecked after he takes wrong turn past Goodison Park

Posted by - September 13, 2010 - Everton, Football videos, Liverpool, Oddballs

Replica shirt-clad Liverpool fan drives past hundreds of Toffees

This Liverpool fan got his car ripped apart after ridiculously deciding to drive slowly through crowds of Everton fans gathered on Gwladys Street after their 3-3 draw with Manchester United on Saturday.

Toffees will no doubt overlook the mindless thuggery and use the incident as further proof that all Liverpool fans are from outside Merseyside. You would have to suspect that local would not have made this mistake.

The Liverpool fan seemed unaware of the baying mob hitting his motor and ripping off his registration plate as he continues to tuck into his McDonald’s.

OTP had a similar experience in Liverpool once, but the baboons at Knowsley Safari Park were the guilty party.

  • pato

    What low life scum Everton really are!…Very fat ugly people to :S

  • anteater

    That’s what, 100 vs. one? These guys are so brave, really. One has to wonder whether they would be as strong if they met one on one.

  • Ian Carr

    Bitter mongrels in the blue quarter of Liverpool.

    Why film it when it gives the car owner video evidence of criminal damage to hand to the police.

    The blue minority really are stupid.

  • OmegaSupreme

    LOL the Everton proved well behaved only mocking the fool and taunting him. If this was an Everton fan in amongst Liverpool fans I fear that the vehicle would have been overturned, set on fire and the people beat up.

  • cheche

    Or even pulled out of the car and have a slab of concrete thrown over their head!!!

  • cheche

    Everton fans fat ugly people??? Is that some sort of joke. Have you seen the driver of the car… the passenger is eating McDonalds!!!!! haha.

  • cagey blue

    Hahaha fat mong was shitting himself haha 96wne


    Urgh, filthy bitter little cretins.

    Shame he didn’t have a nail bomb under his car to f-k em all

  • Giuseppe

    Hardly in the same league as Heysel or Hillsbrough was it? YSB.

  • Mr. Chopper


    You’ve clearly never been a match at either stadium. I’ve been to derbies at both and the ones at Everton are always much more scary than they are at Anfield. I don’t quite know what it is about the shouty, die-hard Everton fans but they seem to be truly full of hatred and bitterness towards nearly every other team. Conversely, I’ve sat with an Evertonian friend in the Centenary stand at Anfield and he got very little stick.

    Still, this guy is a fucking clown. If he’d have been in Leeds he’d have been breezeblocked to death.

  • Ben

    Agree that the bitter blue noses are much more aggressive, just watch MotD or similar when they are on and see the fans every time an opposition player goes near them. Especially if the player has the audacity to make a tackle!! Its pathetic. I could understand it if Rooney was the player as you lot have history (who doesn’t with that fat waster), but every player!! Really is there any need from grown men? To me you just make yourselves look like mugs with a lower league mentality (no style or class). I bet you sing ‘who are ya’ and ‘easy easy’ don’t you (just like chelsea fans)!!!!???

  • cheche

    Ben, you clearly never watched the Birmingham v Liverpool game or you wouldn’t have the audacity to come on here and say that about Everton Players!! I’ve rather support a team who get angry with a dirty tackle than a team who dive at every opportunity. Passionate players or cheats?? i know which team I’d rather support. P.S. you sound bitter.

  • Steven Gerrard

    Do the world a favour
    put your foot on the accelerator

    Being honest knock them down if they don’t move out the way it’s their own fault.

  • http://google albey

    They did the same to david thompsons motor a few years ago throwing bottles and glasses at his vehical as he drove past the blue house the dickheads i wouldnt mind but thomo’s family are all blues season ticket holders and have been for years and these sort of things will allways show everton as the little club they are with there bitter vile supporters they have no class and no respect from any other football club sad people

  • Tilly

    The only fans that I’ve ever had problems with were Everton fans.One tried to glass me in a pub and threw a pool ball at me.Another tried to strangle me in the same pub.I wouldn’t mind but this was in Chester about 30-40 miles away from Liverpool.
    It speaks volumes when a striker can’t play through fear of reprisal.(Official stance on Rooney’s disclusion)
    Just like Franny ‘the new Robbie Fowler’ Jeffers (still brings a tear to the eye,that one) and Lescott since.The fans love the cash but hate the players for leaving even if it is for about 10-15 Mill more than the player’s worth.
    I do remember civilised Derbies including the Milk Cup Final Replay played in… wait for it ……F***ing Manchester (not the brightest decision ever really but the crowd were mixed and an Evertonian even gave me his program after the match) but I also have been sat on the last row at one fairly recently and got spat at and stuff thrown at me.This ‘inbreed’ of Everton fans are essentially ‘Blue Mancs’ who couldn’t care less about the game and should be kept as far away from it as possible for the safety of everybody.


  • Rob Parker
  • Tilly

    After watching the video ‘evidence’ again It’s clear that the entire event has been misinterpreted.The Everton fans are clearly bemused by what appears to them to be a large metal Liverpool fan on some kind of industrial skateboard scooting through them.
    You can’t blame them for having never seen a car before.I mean it must have been like watching Transformers in 3-D to them hence the camera phones.

    “Come ed Terry la, there’s that B**tard Optimus Prime and he’s a ‘Rednose’ look.”

    *ducks flying cueball,dodges pint glass*


  • Tilly

    Rob Parker says:
    September 13, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    Wasn’t the Dublin Packet, was it?!

    No mate.’The Foxes’ Which ironically is predominantly Man U,strangely enough 😛

  • OmegaSupreme

    The stats show that Liverpool fans are involved in more “incidents”, so take of the rose tinted specs.


  • RednBlue

    I watched the video with a couple of mates (reds and blues) and while we don’t agree with damage done to the car, it didn’t appear that the driver or passenger were threatened or felt in danger.

    What we do disagree with is some of the comments on this site (and others) from both sets of so called supporters.

    Liverpool and Everton have proud histories and in recent years both sets of fans have been great ambassadors for thier respective clubs.

  • Hillsborough survivor

    cagey blue says:
    September 13, 2010 at 12:20 pm
    Hahaha fat mong was shitting himself haha 96wne

    wne = Was Not Enough.

    Is that the attitude of a human being with any sense of morality?

  • Mish

    It’s painfully evident that 99% of the posters on this thread aren’t Scouse.

    Get over yourselves and stop posting. This goes for the so-called Liverpool fans too.

    The Merseyside derby is still the only derby game in the country that allows mixed fans..for a reason.

    I fucking hate it when you get no-nothing plastics shouting abuse to the Blueshites or vice-versa when they’ve nothing to do with it. Never been to Goodison. Never been to Anfield – just want to abuse people. Pricks.

    I think the Bitters behaved quite well to be fair. The soft lad in the micra didn’t seem to be too stressed out and there was plenty of laughing.

    Swap roles with West Ham and Milwall or something and there would have been blood.

  • Tilly

    Mish.STFU you idiot.99% of Liverpool fans aren’t from Liverpool as 99% of any ‘truly great’ sides fans aren’t.Wakey,Wakey fella.LFC wouldn’t be able to afford to fulfill their fixtures if it was left entirely down to local support.Welcome to the real world.I’ve supported Liverpool for over 30 years now and that doesn’t make me ANY better than perhaps an Indian or African kid that has supported them for a week.Passion is passion.
    I totally agree with you about Derbies by and large though.It’s a small percentage of so called ‘die hards’ who haven’t learned a thing about hooliganism and pretty much every team’s support has their knuckle draggers.
    But this ‘If you weren’t born on the penalty spot at the Kop end,you aren’t a Liverpool fan’ mentality is foolish at best as the working class can no longer afford the ridiculous ticket prices that have risen 1000%+ over 30 years.

  • Grafik

    I know that C64 is the best graphics card…