Video: Luton manager Richard Money goes mental at fans

Posted by - September 3, 2010 - Football videos, Non-league, Oddballs

Money can’t buy me love

Luton manager Richard Money lost the plot after hearing fans abusing his players during the recent defeat to Tamworth. Money clashed with supporters at the end of the match, ranting in their faces and being dragged away by his backroom staff.

In what appears to be a successful attempt to save his job, Money swiftly issued the world’s longest apology.

He said: “I over-reacted and was wrong to do so. There are no two ways about it and I should know better.

“I would like to unreservedly apologise to those supporters who were on the receiving end of my frustrations after the game and I’d be happy to provide that apology in person to anyone who personally felt directly upset by my comments.

“Whilst I have no excuses for my behaviour towards a few, I allowed my frustrations get the better of me and most certainly shouldn’t have done so. The last few days at the club have been very emotional.

“For everyone to see someone leave after such a long period of committed service was upsetting.

“When I heard some of the things being directed at our players I wrongly erupted instead of ignoring it, as I should have done. I suppose it touched a nerve and brought to the forefront of my mind when even Kevin Nicholls was verbally abused by a minority when he was playing through pain by those who considered him as a legend.

“It reminded me of when some were being over-critical of Matthew Barnes-Homer without giving him a chance and when his father was gravely ill.

“Yesterday, I had a brand new player trying his damndest, in a scrappy game in a foreign environment to him so I snapped when I should have been bigger and more professional.

“We can all see what happens to certain players like Jake Howells and Matthew when they carry so much confidence and I’m desperate to maintain the spirit we have in the squad because this is such a hard league to get out of.

“That said, I understand that such comments are only made by a small minority and I accept the vast majority of our fans are incredibly supportive, loyal and committed, for which I am very grateful, as are my coaches and players.

“For the benefit of those supporters, I have no excuses for the intensity of my actions yesterday and I appreciate that I will have to learn to temper my frustrations under such circumstances in future and ignore the minority who may continue to abuse our players and show more respect to the supportive element who may have mistakenly been in the firing line yesterday.

“Everyone here at the Club prides themselves on how we treat our supporters and I know I have let people down for which I’m sorry and I won’t let it happen again.

“Luton Town is important to me – I love it here and I’m 100 per cent committed and confident that we are capable of winning this league this season, starting tomorrow at home to Hayes & Yeading.”