Video: Santos’ Marquinhos claims he was hit by policeman after match

Posted by - September 13, 2010 - Football videos, South America

Baton fun from Brazil

Brazilian player Marquinhos claims he was hit with a truncheon by a military policeman as a brawl broke out following Santos’ 2-1 defeat at Ceara.

Starlet Neymar was looking for trouble after the match as he confronted Ceara defender Joao Marcos over some uncompromising defending.

A fight broke out and police came onto the pitch to break them up. The video above shows Marquinhos being pushed by a policeman, but he also claims the officer hit him in the ribs with his truncheon. The cop is shown making a comedy retreat from the heat of battle as he runs away.

He said: “I was pulling Neymar (away from the fighting) and the cop gave it to me with his truncheon in my ribs. The police commander, who was nearby, saw that I was hit, as well as a reporter. Here’s the mark in my ribs.” (That’s the bit where he shows the bruise.)