Video: Scotland fans boo Liechtenstein’s God Save The Queen soundalike national anthem

Posted by - September 8, 2010 - Football videos, International, Scotland

Are boo England in disguise?

The Scottish FA has been forced to issue a public apology after fans booed the national anthem of Liechtenstein before last night’s Euro 2012 qualifier. The tiny nation’s anthem happens to be set to the same tune as the English national anthem God Save The Queen.

SFA acting chief executive George Peat said: “I apologise unreservedly to our visitors for the crass reaction to their anthem.

“The Scotland fans have worked hard to earn their reputation throughout the world as fun-loving and respectful followers of football.

“Last night, those who chose to boo our opponents’ anthem only served to tarnish that reputation.”

And it sound from the video above like plenty of supporters due to choose to boo the anthem. There are little snippets of the offending tune every now and again.

It would be interesting to know what percentage of the fans at Hampden had done their homework and knew beforehand that they were going to get an opportunity to boo God Save The Queen.

  • jono

    A game between a non-country and one that technically is one but we all can agree is nothing but a sham.
    Its like watching jello wrestling between two trannies.

    fun-loving and respectful is the new code for drunken misers I guess.

    Its nice to know that some anthems are ok to boo and some arent.

  • neil

    Those Scottish fans are a bunch of complete cowards. It’s an utter disgrace to boo a national anthem like that.

    When Ireland played English at Croke Park in rugby in the 2007 6 nations, the Irish fans gave silence and applause to the english players singing God Save Our Queen, despite the fact that they were playing in the same stadium where British soldiers gunned down Michael Hogan, a Gaelic footballer, as well as many more at that stadium during a match in 1920.

    Ireland had faced oppression for more than 800 years, and it took several years of debate before the home of the GAA was opened to foreign sports.

    On that day in 2007, several Irish players were visibly moved to tears, such was the emotion of the occasion andf the importance for the Irish people.

    Here is the link of the anthems that day, maybe the scots could try learning a lesson in how to conduct themselves in future.

    Hairs on the back of my neck stand upright everytime I see it

    Apologies for being very preachy also!