Wayne, Wayne, Wayne… Rooney accused of sleeping with prostitute #3

Posted by - September 5, 2010 - England, Manchester United, Rumours

We suspected his dad drives an escort. His son now rides them

It’s the big one. Potentially the story of the year. It’s the story that bloggers everywhere will feel that they were born to write. But two questions hit me hard today, as Wazza spills his heart out to his chav princess in order to save his marriage.

Keen eyes will notice the double use of the phrase “he is reported…”. Sort of have to do that!

He is reported to have effed his call girl seven times over four months. So that is at least 20 hotel staff that have seen him.

He is reported to have taken her to VIP clubs and casinos in Manchester. So that is at least 200 punters who would have seen him at those venues.

He is the most famous player for the England national football team.

He looks like Shrek, is as subtle as a kick in the c*ck and as couth as Jordan on a date with Fagan.

Firstly, how the hell did he hope to get away with it? And how did it take this long to come out?

The man is a clown, but we already knew that. Now we can confirm that he has the decision-making ability to put him on a par with………….Oh yeah, Ashley Cole. Jesus, will they ever learn?

  • http://www.ilovewaynerooney.blogspot.com george

    its just too much pressure the lad is facing these days but he will burst out one day and rule the world again.