Sir Alex Ferguson gets his Chelsea maths all wrong

Posted by - October 7, 2010 - Chelsea, Manchester United

Self-reassurance statistics simply do not add up

Chelsea’s start to this season has been accompanied by the mantra: “Ah, but they have had an easy start”.

It has been the default mechanism of Alex Ferguson, who has made more statements today to explain how his side find themselves five points behind Chelsea.

He said: “If you look at Chelsea’s start to the season, you’d have expected them to have won all those games, so the position they’re in doesn’t surprise me.”

And yet, if the table doesn’t lie, who has had the easier start?

Man Yoo have played teams who are currently in 15th, 10th, 20th, 17th, 18th, 12th and 11th. That’s an average position of 14.7th.

Chelsea have played teams who are currently in 6th, 14th, 7th, 20th, 9th, 2nd and 4th. That’s an average position of 8.9th.

I have some maths for Fergie:

One Michael Carrick + One Anderson = £40million.

  • hazim

    v true utd got an easy start but they dont hav squad to compete chelsea without luvrat wyne runey

  • Rob Parker


  • he

    But Michael Carrick is quality 🙂

  • Canny

    That’s easy to say but going on ur statements where were each team in the table when chelsea or man u played them. Plus man u have played teams that for some reason we’ve always had problems with.

  • jo styler

    sorry mate you’v got your maths wrong

    carrick + anderson doesnt equal 40 million

    carrick £18.6m + anderson £17m = £35.6m

    that was my maths for you 🙂

  • Daniel Storey

    Jo, used the widely reported figure of 30million euros for the Anderson transfer. I belive at the time this would have equated to £22million with exchange rates!

    Canny, I think that that is precisely the point I am making. It is nothing to do with Chelsea playing easy teams, it is that Man Utd have played teams that they have problems with. The point stands: Chelsea have played two teams who finished in last seasons top six. Man Utd have played none.

  • Sandman

    Last year it was the “Chelsea are too OLD” mantra. This year its “They have had an easy start”. You know the best part about this? None of the Chelsea players or the managing staff have responded to this. LOL!!!! Its like a dog barking in front of an elephant who just keeps walking.

  • Daniel Storey

    Jesus, maybe I should have waited on my maths until the financial announcement today

  • Zain9

    shut up we beat chelsea in the carling cup and arsenal in the premier league so wayyyyyyyyy

  • Zain9

    also liverpool!

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