Arsenal star Robin Van Persie’s injury curse now affecting kids he meets

Posted by - October 18, 2010 - Arsenal, Football videos

Gunners crock is rubbing off on young children (not like that)

In the world of Robin Van Persie, you never know where your next injury is coming from. Simple tasks become potential hazards. Even something as innocuous as a walk round a football pitch could result in injury.

The Arsenal striker does actually escape this incident unscathed, but one of the group of children he is leading around the newly-named Robin Van Persie Stand at SBV Excelsior is not so lucky.

The unfortunate youngster takes a smack to the head from one of the Robin Van Persie Stand’s fine array of metal gates for some comedy gold.

Spotted on Dirty Tackle

  • Danish Gooner

    He will be out for the season.Great stuff !!!!

  • hollis

    The fact he didn’t piss himself laughing speaks volumes for Arsenal’s media training.

  • Rob Parker

    31secs: a desperately concealed smirk?