Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce wants to talk about facts

Posted by - October 14, 2010 - Blackburn Rovers, Oddballs

He’s only gone and done a Rafa

Premier League manager wants to talk about facts and provides the media with a dossier of evidence to support the facts: sound familiar? Well, it wasn’t quite a Rafa rant, but Sam Allardyce has followed in Benitez’s footsteps.

The Blackburn boss was reacting to comments made by Danny Murphy which accused managers, including Allardyce, of sending players onto the pitch so “pumped up” that serious injuries were inevitable.

At his press conference today, Allardyce distributed a page of facts which supposedly prove that Blackburn are not dirty (they are the fourth fairest side in the Premier League) and that their disciplinary record has improved during his time at the club.

He accused Murphy of creating a “perception” of Blackburn being dirty, which led to OTP’s favourite quote of the rant. He said: “I’m not a fan of perception. There’s too much of it in the game.”

Let’s kick perception out of football.