Clive Tyldesley rides to the rescue of Match of the Day

Posted by - October 1, 2010 - Oddballs

ITV commentator defends BBC’s flagship footy show

Commentator and – it now appears – blogger Clive Tyldesley has sprung to the defence of Match of the Day following a couple of weeks in which the show has taken a bashing in the media and on social networking sites. OK, Twitter.

The criticism was sparked by comments made by Stan Collymore about the quality of punditry and analysis on MOTD. The following week, with the nation watching eagle-eyed, Alan Shearer repeatedly referred to David Villa instead of David Silva.

But Clive – himself no stranger to an online backlash (we’re looking at you, Off The Post) – won’t have a bad word said against MOTD.

He wrote: “I’ve read calls this week for the pundits to be given more time for analysis and even for a classic match from the video vaults to adorn the show. Another time, maybe. But ‘Match of the Day’ should do what it says on the tin. The action is the hook.”

Perhaps a rename to Football Action of the Day, then?

Clive continued: “The best thing about football is the football. Gary and the boys all wish they were still playing. Their programme usually respects the importance of the action and remains true to its roots. Don’t fix what ain’t broken.”

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