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Fulham’s Danny Murphy drops out as England pundit

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  • Rob

    Pathetic but predictable.
    Unusual to have a current player talk any sense – he is bang on with his comments regarding Blackburn, Wolves & Stoke.
    No doubt the media circus will be whipped up by those that don’t like the honesty of Murphy’s views. Allardyce & Co just hide behind ‘the old fashioned get up ’em’ when the reality is it is just thuggery on the pitch because of an inability to compete playing football.

  • Nick

    No matter what you think of him, Murphy is an intelligent bloke and had the bottle to say what he thinks – and as far as I’m concerned he wasn’t far wrong. I’ve no problem with hard tackles, tackles that are intended to show an opponent that they are in for a tough game but I do object to the tackle that is wreckless and intended to take out an opponent regardless of whether the ball is won or not. The sooner we get rid of the talentless thugs who compensate for their football inability by brute force and maiming talented opponents, the better – we all know who they are, it’s about time the LMA, managers and players acknowledged that there is no place for them in the modern game.