Hard Tackle: Anthony Annan commits a few sexual touching offences on opponent

Posted by - October 7, 2010 - Football videos, Hard Tackle

Ghana midfielder adds another aspect to his dirty reputation

Rosenborg’s Anthony Annan is never normally too far from trouble. This time he is causing a stir after being caught on video groping Andre Muri of Valarenga.

Annan was spotted – not that he was being very discreet about it – squeezing Muri’s testicles and shoving his fingers up his backside!

Muri was understandably unhappy but surprisingly self-deprecating after the incident. He said: “Annan actually did the act. He got his finger here and there but there was not much there to touch. He was pinching the two most intimate places it. This is what the referee should be giving cards for not the sending off of our player.”

And Muri’s coach Martin Andresen also saw the assault clearly and was succinct in his appraisal.

He said: “Annan had his finger far up in Muri’s ass. The referee should have taken action.”

He must by angling for a move to Liverpool.

Spotted on 101GG