Hertha Berlin’s Niemeyer touches chest of female referee

Posted by - October 5, 2010 - Football videos, Germany, Oddballs

A move to Rapid Boob-carressed on the cards?

It should have been a proud moment for Bibiana Steinhaus. It was her first appearance on live television as a referee, and she had been doing a fine job until the 55th minute.

All she would have been hoping for is a lack of sexist innuendo in a male dominated sport. Peter Niemeyer ruined all that with one inadvertent stroke of his hand.

It must be said that the look on Steinhaus’ face is priceless, but the sniggering from all concerned has probably set her back a few months.

  • Tim Lovejoy

    He grabbed her boob.


    *In all honesty with the short hair and flat chest, I wouldnt have noticed.
    It looked like a gay(er) Fedo Torres.

  • Billy Bob

    “I’ll just pat the new female ref on the back, she’s doing a good job, it’s her first game, might as well give her some encouragement.”

    “Oh crap, I’ve just groped her boob…” You see him close his eyes… “Oh SHIT”, he thinks.

    “Look straight ahead, adopt a face of solemn concentration, don’t let on, pretend you haven’t noticed… Crap, she’s looking at me…. Sorry, erm, didn’t mean it, honest guv, er, sorry, miss.”