Karma strikes Wayne Rooney’s ankle once again

Posted by - October 29, 2010 - Manchester United

The fictional injury that keeps getting worse

Wayne Rooney will be out of action for at least another three weeks with his formerly made-up injury, according to Sir Alex Ferguson. The Manchester United star and his manager sparked their soap opera when Rooney defied Ferguson, who had claimed he had been out of action with an ankle injury after allegations about him using prostitutes were published.

While Rooney denied ever being injured, he ironically picked up an ankle injury in training on the day that Ferguson went public about his desire to leave Old Trafford. It is that injury with which he is currently sidelined.

Asked if Rooney would be out for three weeks, Ferguson said:

“I think it may be longer. There is no recovery, it is just rest. Before he went away we did his remedial in terms of what we could do at the time. Thereafter, rest – we’re quite happy with that.”

The only way the universe could have made the situation any better is if the injury had been sustained by tripping over a pile of money.