Mark van Bommel springs to the defence of Nigel De Jong

Posted by - October 5, 2010 - International, Manchester City

Meaningless words

When does someone defending your reputation and saying that you are not a dirty player count for absolutely nothing? The answer, of course, is when the person giving you the glowing reference is Mark van Bommel.

Dropped De Jong’s midfield partner in crime (sometimes literally) at the World Cup has spoken up in his defence after the Manchester City midfielder was left out of Bert van Marwijk’s latest Holland squad.

Van Bommel said: “It’s very unfortunate when you break the leg of an opponent twice in six months. But I know Nigel as a sweet guy. He doesn’t want injure anyone, but does want to win all matches. This is also his strength. He wins a lot of balls. Thanks to Nigel, we have reached the final of the World Cup. I hear people calling him a criminal. What a nonsense.”

Yeah, very unfortunate for Nigel but more so for the people with the broken legs. Van Bommel then went on to acknowledge that he has sometimes been portrayed in a similar light. Violins at the ready, folks.

He continued: “I know exactly what Nigel is suffering. I have also to answer for a while, why I play hard. I also didn’t want to injure anyone. I had to think about that criticism. Nigel should not change his game. We need him as he is.”

And another one for good luck:

  • Alphie Izzet

    Kangaroo Courts and character assassination.
    It was a legal tackle that won the ball and the injury to Ben Arfa was a very unfortunate accident. Nobody was exercised by the incident, including the Toon players, UNTIL it became clear the injury was a bad one. After that it has become a witch hunt.
    DeJong plays hard and fair, he doesn’t go down like a shot dog like the many cheats in the PL.
    When he gets a knock he dusts himself off and gets to his feet and makes no fuss. Now no doubt he will be a referee’s marked man.

  • blue balloon ruined my day

    Well said Alphie
    The incident happened in front of me and it was simply an everyday hard tackle. No malice, no reaction from the Newcastle players (which is generally a good barometer). Witch hunt is a very good description of the way the media is portraying this incident and I for one do not wish to see NDJ change the way he plays. Just because it is him, the story has been blown out of all proportion.

  • Jimbo

    De Jong is a thug. The tackle on Ben Arfa may not have been as bad as is being portrayed in the media, but that doesn’t excuse De Jong. Xabi Alonso – World Cup final anyone?