Note to Manchester City and Carlos Tevez: long-distance flights not currently recognised as cure for dead legs

Posted by - October 28, 2010 - Manchester City

How is that helping exactly?

Actually, we might be able to blame the Daily Mail instead, rather than Citeh or Tevez. They write:

“Carlos Tevez will fly home to Argentina on Thursday to begin a desperate fight to be fit in time for the Manchester derby.”

Now, OTP is not medically-trained but we are still struggling to grasp quite how a long-haul flight to Buenos Aires is the start of “a desperate fight”.

In fact, you would imagine that resting your leg and maybe consulting with the Manchester City physio regularly would be just about the only way to tackle the problem.

We can see how a trip to Argentina might be a nice mid-season break for Tevez. We can even see how it would help with the homesickness reported in yesterday’s papers.

We just don’t know how it helps you to battle a dead leg.

  • Neil Crosby

    Simple. It’s called a private plane with as much room as you like to rest, stretch, exercise and the very best medical team in South America looking after him in Argentina..

  • Carlos Tevez

    Yes thats right, he is going on Ryan Air and will have to queue sheep like onto the plane. Also, its the Daily Fail deary, bound to be true.

  • Leigh Bling

    I see, Neil – it was just a bit of legroom he was after, was it?

  • Jack

    Don’t pack in your serving job at McDonald’s just yet!


    = 2 BIRDS X 1 STONE.