OTP Rebounds: Retro Roy Hodgson crisis talk, refereeing documentaries and energy drink spiking

Posted by - October 20, 2010 - Rebounds

Some mid-afternoon clicking activities

Interesting documentary on Swedish referee Martin Hansson (he of the Thierry Henry handball fame). In places you would swear you were watching An Idiot Abroad and it is actually Karl Pilkington [Freedom From Choice AB]

“The way a manager behaves in times of crisis can often be the decisive factor in determining whether a team pulls through or slides deeper into trouble.” So spake Roy Hodgson in 1998. [BBC]

A bit of in-match drink spiking from Peru [The Spoiler]

More South American fun and games: this time a spot of airport agent-bashing from Paraguay [Dirty Tackle]

Fancy a cheeky £25 free bet on tonight’s Champions League action? [Betfair]

  • Charles Darwin

    Thanks so much for this post. Excellent documentary!

  • Kandy Kane

    I agree totally. What a nice film about a punished man. Truly recommended!