Robbie Fowler reckons Wayne Rooney is going to join him at Perth Glory

Posted by - October 21, 2010 - Manchester United, Oddballs, Transfer News and Gossip

Yes! An excuse to post this ridiculous advert

Robbie Fowler is still doing little to help those age-old rumours go away with his latest outlandish statement. The God Down Under reckons he is on the verge of convincing Wayne Rooney to join him at Perth Glory.

In fact, he told the club’s official website that Rooney is “very, very interested” in making the move to the, ern, Hyundai A-League.

Fowler said: “It’s probably only just come out lately about Wayne Rooney [wanting to leave], but being in the football know, I found out a couple of weeks ago. So I just had to go home and see whether he would be interested in coming to Perth.

“And the signs were good. Really pleased with the chat we had and we’ll see where it takes us. He’s very,very interested. I told him what a lovely place it is. I told him everything about the city. So he’s umming and ahhing at the minute, but it’s looking good.”

So basically Fowler has blagged some time off and a trip home on the pretence that he’s tapping up Wayne Rooney. The only thing we can’t work is whether it is Fowler or Perth Glory who are most delusional!

He’s Robbie Fowler. He’s joined Perth Glory. Have you, Wayne? Have you?