Sky’s 3D sports pubs

Posted by - October 14, 2010 - Adverts and Commercial

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The launch of Europe’s first ever 3D channel, Sky 3D, is now two weeks old. The channel began broadcasting on October 1, with the 2010 Ryder Cup live from Celtic Manor. However, although this will mark the wide availability of Sky in 3D to the general public, Sky have been giving us glimpses and promises of their new revolutionary channel for some time now.

There have been hints at the cinema, when viewing 3D films, and for some time now Sky have been allowing selected pubs across the UK to broadcast significant sporting events for a pub audience wearing those iconic and recognisable glasses.

Live sports in 3D are particularly appealing as a large part of the audience experience with sport is being present at an actual match or game. With 3D technology, Sky Sports can imitate that experience while allowing people to sit in the comfort of their chosen environment, without spending money on tickets and travel.

Watching sports in the pub has become a large tradition in the UK, and watching in 3D makes the experience that much more intense and one that you can share with a group of like-minded individuals. So far those who have seen a live 3D pub match seem impressed, with comments such as, “It’s fantastic, it’s just like being at the stadium. Amazing.”

So far it is football that has been a huge success with audiences, and the next and final fixture at Sky 3D pubs before the launch of the Sky 3D channel is a football match. On Saturday, September 25, selected 3D-capable pubs broadcast the Barclays Premier League Manchester City v Chelsea match live. To find your nearest Sky 3D pub, you can use Sky’s 3D Pub Finder on their website. Football fans have already praised the 3D experience, “The shots from the crowd and behind the goal make it feel like you are there. Spectacular.” Another viewer has gone as far to suggest that “this is the way that football should be seen.”

The 3D experience is all about heightened immersion in your chosen sport, but this applies to other activities and even other Sky services. Sky will also be broadcasting movies on Sky 3D, for example. Sky continues to provide ways for its audience to interact with their hobbies, such as with the Sky Vegas interactive channel and online casino, where you can play slots and table games.

You can even multitask and watch your favourite sports on Sky at the same time. Online casinos are popular with sports fans, as is the game of online poker, also provided by Sky in the website and channel Sky Poker. You can bet on your favourite sports with sports betting service Sky Bet. All three are part of Sky Betting and Gaming, a subsidiary of the main Sky branch.