Some unexpected prima donna behaviour from Aston Villa’s James Collins during team photo

Posted by - October 25, 2010 - 'Do Are Ya?, Aston Villa

Villains defender receives Photoshop touch-ups

If I was Martin O’Neill, I would be a little suspicious that Aston Villa only get round to taking their team photo in October. It is almost like they knew that a pre-season team photo would not have very much longevity.

Anyway, taking the picture in October proved to have its own difficulties. According to the Mirror, bald defender James Collins refused to get his bonce bare out while the snapper got to work due to the frosty conditions. Instead he insisted on wearing his hat throughout and got the Villa Photoshop geeks to reinstate his shiny head afterwards.

And as you can see, they duly did (sixth from left, back row).

  • Chris

    Did they give him Brad Freidels scalp do you reckon, looking at it?