Tom Hicks labels Liverpool fans as terrorists

Posted by - October 18, 2010 - Liverpool, Quotes

Kop a load of this

Tom Hicks hasn’t necessarily enamoured himself to Liverpool fans, and it seems that nothing changes even after being forced to leave the club. Rather than skulking off to his room like a chastised chld, Hicks instead went out all guns blazing in an interview with Sky Sports News.

Alongside a staunch defence of the financial state of Liverpool FC, the American claimed that the reason the mystery bidders Hicks felt he should sell the club to did not become public was due to:

“the organised internet terrorism campaign that was directed against people involved”.

Woah, there. So Liverpool fans stating their opinions on forums and some celebrities making a video criticising the ownership is equatable to global terror? The the top news story on the BBC news website concerns cyber crime and terrorism. Are the Spirit of Shankly the new Al-Qaeda?