Video: Barcelona keeper Jose Pinto banned for two matches for mimicking ref’s whistle

Posted by - October 29, 2010 - Champions League, Football videos, Oddballs

Don’t whistle while you work

Barca goalie Jose Pinto has been banned for two Champions League games for improper conduct after whistling to convice an opposition player he was offside. FC Copenhagen’s Cesar Santin was through on goal when Pinto somehow created a very convincing impersonation of the referee’s whistle.

Santin immediately stopped play. After the match his club released a statement which read:

Santin stopped during his free run on goal when he – as he explained later – had heard the referee’s whistle. The French referee had not whistled for offside, though, and so FC Copenhagen missed out on a clear scoring opportunity.

“Afterwards FC Copenhagen, via television pictures, became aware that Barcelona’s goalkeeper Jose Pinto appeared to imitate the referee’s whistle during that time and then showed his satisfaction towards Barcelona’s bench.

“FC Copenhagen have condemned the incident, which goes against every principle of fair play and respect for the game and opponent.

And now Uefa has condemned the incident too. After reviewing the footage above, which shows Pinto making the noise and then gloating about what he had done, they handed him the two-match ban.

It’s safe to say there are players that Barca would miss more than him.

  • bilby

    It’s hardly a thumping penalty for what can only be considered despicable conduct.