Video: Drunken Joe Hart sings The Zutons’ Valerie

Posted by - October 11, 2010 - England, Football videos, Manchester City

Stag do karaoke with the England keeper

England keeper Joe Hart took to a Spanish bar to deliver his very own rendition of Valerie by The Zutons. If Amy Winehouse made the song her own when she covered it, Hart’s version is also very distinguishable from the original.

The footage was released by the News of the World yesterday. It shows Hart on a stag do in Puerto Banus, also attended by his Manchester City team-mate Gareth Barry. NOTW is urging outrage that Hart was in this drunken mess just 36 hours before meeting up with the England squad.

OTP’s view is that if Hart wants to have a few drinks, during a week off between matches – he last played against Newcastle last Sunday and England don’t play until tomorrow – is probably a great time to do it. We can still enjoy the video though.

  • Mr. Chopper

    NOTW can fuck right off. I don’t think that England’s dire performance at the World Cup had even the slightest thing to do with the non-playing Joe Hart… Let alone at him getting pissed months AFTER the fact, when he’s in fact in the best form of his life. I don’t understand why the red-tops are so desperate to humiliate the England team and uncover dirt on them, when during competitions they go on about “Our Boys” and turn into the National Front.


  • ILoveJoeHart

    They act as if Joe’s like 40 and is too old to be getting drunk! He’s a young lad….It’s normal i don’t understnd why people are tryin to give him bad press he’s england and city’s number one so i don’t think they’re in a position to say that it’s affecting his performance – as if! Let him enjoy being young for gods sakes. Mardy pricks.